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Define Commercial Lawn Care


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Clinton, NJ
90% of my business is mostly large residential (1 - 15 acres). We also do a couple of polo fields too every 5 days that are 11 acres each....not a bunch of commercial though.


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Upper middle-class residentials for me . Dropped my two high-end residentials. They couldn't be convinced that full service was the way to go. As a result, their lawns progressively looked worse and worse. I just couldn't stand doing these lawns anymore. Felt it was a reflection on my work, which it was not. It may have been a reflection on my sales ability though.

SUPERIOR Lawn Design

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Homewood IL.
90% middle / upper middle class residential and 10% commercial... I want to increase my commercial props though...


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65% commercial 35% residential. Commercial is the way to go. They want contracts. It guarentees you payment for 8 months. Residentials bulk at contracts, at least mine do. Also less complaints


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60% commercial and 40% residential. I rather do high-end residential. To much competition bidding for the commerical jobs and the high-end residential customers will be more loyal to you for fair pricing and good work.

Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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we do about 65 residental homes and about 20 commercial accounts.

but when i acctually look at what each division makes as far a sales the percentages are as follows 80% commercial - 20% residental.

one of those commercial jobs made up 18% of our sales for 2003