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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DiscoveryLawn, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. DiscoveryLawn

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    I have always referred to fert. and squirt as "Lawn Care" mowing as "Lawn Maintenance" landscape installations as, well..."Landscape Installations" pruning and mulching etc. as "Landscape Maintenance"

    Not that I think my descriptions are right, I just wish we and the customers were alll on the same page. It gets confusing when I tell someone that I just want to concentrate on "Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance" and I am then asked "So, why are you selling all of your mowers?"

    I know ...I don't have a question ...just something to say.:)
  2. TSM

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    my definitions are the same as yours.

    we get calls (mostly from yellow page ad) that we need to clarify what exactly are they looking for.

    'well, we want lawn care'

    okay, so you are interested in our lawn treatment program?


    okay, your name, address, phone#...thanks for your call we'll have someone there within the next 2 days.

    we show up....measure lawn...fill out our estimate sheet which tells them grass types, weeds, insect problems, etc etc...then we give them our per application price.

    Then it happens...that funny look on their face...'but what will you charge us to mow??'
  3. lawnlubber

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    Why not be more direct if you are having a problen making yourself understood. You can call fertilization and pest control lawn care and just hope people understand that mowing is different, or you could just call it fertilization in the first place. Mowing is mowing, pruning..... instead of four very similar terms. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Runner

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    Yeah,.. this is all understandable, because the average customer, (or the average lawn maintenance operation, for that matter) doesn't know any different. They all just shove it into one definition, don't really know any differnt. In industry text, there IS a difference between care and maintenance. Even now, 90% of the time we hear someone say "So and so is going into lawn care." Well you can about rest assured they are talking about mowing. The term Grounds maintenance is an actual industry term that is better in explaining. We use the term Landscape Management for ours, as we do everything, as far as operations go.
  5. oakhill2000

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    I agree with lawnlubber. Customers speak a different language than us. You just have to spell it out to them. I once told a customer a price for cutting the grass, ie:lawn maintenance, I told him the price included trimming. Now trimming to me is a more proper term for "weed wacking". But to the customer he took it as trimming all his shrubs on the property and thought that was included in the lawn maintenance price. So now whenever I use the term trimming I explain it a little more in detail.
  6. DiscoveryLawn

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    Actually its the LCO's that I find are just as inconsistant around here. I have a friend in the business that sells Spring Clean-ups for say ...$2000.00 If I quote a price for a "Spring clean-up " for the same property it would only be around $500.00. His "Spring Clean-up includes mulch installation. Mine is just that ...A Clean-Up of the lawn and bed debris and dead-heading last years skeletons etc.
    Again, I'm not saying my definitions are correct. I just wish there was an industry standard.
    As far as being more direct in the terms I use ...of course that is what I typically have to do. But on occasion when I am trying to give a brief explanation of what I am trying to say, I find much of my time in that conversation being spent on giving a menue of definitions to be sure I am understood.
  7. DiscoveryLawn

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    What I was not clear on above is ...I give a seperate quote for mulch installation. Same is true with most other LCO's around here. We confuse ourselves and we confuse our customers.
  8. bobbygedd

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    lawn care=cutting grass, fertilizing, pulling weeds, treating for weeds/pests, cleaning dog poop, picking up garbage, picking up toys, walking dogs, chasing dogs when u forgot to shut the gate, trimming bushes, planting them, cleaning leaves,fighting with neighbors,listening to neighbors badmouth eachother, chasing customers for money.
  9. TSM

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    and dont forget....

    doing 'favors' like....

    carrying in the groceries...
    carrying the trash to the curb...
    checking the mailbox...


    listening to the same old stories over and over

    and dont forget...

    taking resposibility for the weather

  10. oakhill2000

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    you guys sound like you may have some other issues. I feel sorry for ya. :)

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