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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. DVS Hardscaper

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    But I think some are confusing "professionalism" with "customer service", two different things
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  2. Will P.C.

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    The last professional my mom hired was for a simple concrete slab and a few other minor things. The guy was simply another moron with a truck and ladder. He did do the slab very good though. It was in a difficult area so no heavy machines were used. He bought on of those concrete mixers from lowes and pretty sure he returned it when done. They ended up with about 30 extra bags of concrete which they never came back and got. The bags were located down a steep hill and no way my mom could have moved them. He was supposed to refund my mom the money on these bags, but that never happened.
    Of course the bags got soaked and were worthless, and I had to come by and spend the afternoon hauling 'solid concrete' bags up a hill and dump them. Luckily, the golf course let me use one of their utility vehicles and a place to dump them. For some of the minor things they did I caught them using my Dads tools. They guy only had one drill and saw and said it was at another job.
    On of the members of his crew walked around in a flip flops all day. They all chain smoked in the garage and the yard was littered with cig buts. Although they did a good job, they left a big mess to clean up which equated into them not getting their final paycheck which was a nice sized check.
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    I think one of my biggest issues with professionalism is people needing to be paid RIGHT NOW once a job is complete.

    Send me a bill, dammit. Some subs are like this.

    We always send a bill, if there are any issues or such we will address them. It gives everything a few days to sink in and make sure the customer is happy.

    Nothing pisses me off more than the expecting me to go out of my way or meet them there with a check the second they are finished. Seems pretty unprofessional to me.
  4. alldayrj

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    i think its unprofessional not to pay me when im done with your job. unless the terms are agreed upon beforehand, waiting just allows people to develop buyers remorse or "forget" to send the check. If you can't go "out of your way" to pay for the job someone busted their back for then I think in the future they wont be willing to go out of the way for you in service quality etc.
  5. FLCthes4:11-12

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    Nothing wrong with getting paid when the work is done. I have in my contract that the final payment is due upon completion.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    The place that sometimes works on my trucks wants payment upon pick up.

    My material suppliers want paid upon pick up / delivery.

    If I get equipment parts I gotta pay upon pick up.

    If i take the dog to the vet I must pay at time of visit.

    Attorneys want money up front. Snow contractors should be paid on retainer too.

    Yeah, I been in business since 1990 and with the exception of mowing - I've always demanded final payment at time of completion. If anyone has a problem, I go back.
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    realize it should be another thread but I hate when a client tells me I need to wait 2 or 3 days while they transfer money.
    They have their signed contract with the payment terms laid out in black and white. Have the money ready to go.
    Hmmm let me buy groceries, I'll pay for them later
  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    I have a clause about that in my contract. If they don't have a draw ready - then we pull off the job. And charge $900 to remobilize. This has more or less fixed most draw/payment problems.

    I'd guess that close to 50% of our sales has been paid via credit card this year. That's a record, people hate writing checks now a days. I too pay for everything via debit card. About the only time I write checks is for payroll.
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