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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by br549oicu8, Apr 7, 2005.

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    I am starting a new thread as I see so many opinions of what a scrub is. I am sure mine are quite different than many which is ok. We all have an opinion which in the good old USA we are entitled to and thank God for that. This is not intended to start a mess....just get the feel of what most operators feel. I am starting with a few myself and please feel free to add or comment with no offense taken or given.

    1. An individual that asks how much the present lawn contractor charges so he can be lower.
    2. A lawn contractor that avoids obeying the laws in his area...(paying taxes, carrying insurance both liability and work comp if required).

    PLease add some folks!!!

    You notice I did not mention equipment,'s more about the important issues.

    Buddy in Leavenworth, Kansas!!!!!!!!!!! :waving:
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    Do we really have to go through this again... :)

    Ok ill bite.

    At one time I was a scrub. I had no insurance. I was underbidding. Hell, the lights on my trailer didnt even work!

    As the years have gone by Ive picked up insurance, paid my taxes and fixed my lights. My truck is lettered and always kept clean as is my equipment. Im still around after 5 years.

    Most companies start out are scrubs. I had nothing handed to me and I started out small making next to nothing.

    You learn as you go. If your not making mistakes then your doing something wrong.
  3. br549oicu8

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    Just getting started and the guy avoiding the issues are really different types.
    Thanks for the response. There is no right or wrong opinion here. I have been in business for 25 years with over 220 mowing accounts and 250 plus applicationn accounts. BUT..I am relatively new to this forum. I can learn...and I can advise....and nobody knows it all except the main guy up above.
  4. marko

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    If a guy is lowballing and does not know his costs, he is an idiot, not a scrub. As stated in numerous other posts, if someone figures: I can mow a yard in 1 hour and charge $25 Im making $25/hour, these are the guys that kill us. Yes they eventually go under, but there are plenty of others one step behind the guy who went out of business (they have not learned their lesson yet). Someone who is not legal (licenses, insurance, workman's comp, taxes, etc) to me is a scrub. He has a distinct advantage due to lower hourly cost. What I do for $30, he can do for $15 and still come out ahead.
  5. br549oicu8

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    Great reply Marko. That is exactly what I am looking to hear...true honest opinions. I run into this stuff here too even after 25 years. My grandson charged this...the neighbors son charged that.....etc..
    We all see it and it wil never be eliminated.
    We deal with it in a professional manner and we survive jsut fine.
    That is my opinion.
  6. packerbacker

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    What they dont understand is that their grandsons and neighbors arent in business to support their family.

    I told a guy I charge 55 an hour for cleanups and he had a heart attack screaming his plumber doesnt get that much. I laughed and said get your plumber to rake your leaves.
  7. br549oicu8

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    I agree!!! I had some plumbing done at a new shop we built this past year. The plumber charged ridiculous rates and I confronted him. He told me he like to get $65 an hour for himself and $35 for his non-trained helper. I told him what you like and what you get are 2 different things. He planned poorly..making several trips for parts instead of one and charged me for the entire time. I balke and he reduced it by 25%. I told Him I would like to get that ($100 an hour) and he made the mistake to say we were just wacking weeds!! Bad idea. I asked what degree he had in my son has a degree in business and turf management. I asked how much in equipment was in his truck....and was it all listed with the county as business equipment....
    As you night expect we no longer talk....but he is now formally a "scrub plumber". ;)
  8. packerbacker

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    Ironically this morning (while im waiting to get my mower out of the shop) I ahd an older customer call for some work.

    I went over there and installed some gutter guards and she asked me to fix her toilet. I threw a new handle on and adjusted the flush valve.

    All told I was there for an hour and I got my usual 55 bucks.

    She told me she had called a plumber and he wanted 75 just to come over and look at it.
  9. br549oicu8

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    Stuff like that happens all the time.
    Another scrub definition...
    3. A lawn care contractor that does not treat the environment properly. (Dumps clippings, trash, etc.. on other peoples property, etc.)
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    A guy who mows with jeans on BUT wont wear a shirt and just unloaded a 36 Bunton covered in rust out of the back of his van.

    Sounds like the guy I saw yesterday...

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