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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kenneybros, Jul 4, 2000.

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    This is a reference table I devised while mowing today(ya on the 4th!!) Thinking about it really got me through the day. Hope this brings about some laughs....<p>SUPER SCRUB<br>His main mower is a 1980's 21&quot; lawn boy that he moves around in the trunk of his car. He owns no back-up. He also has no trimmer what so ever. He doesnt have any accounts with irrigation. His seasoned customers are the ones that have let him cut there lawn more then 3 times. He has never sharpened the blade of his mower. He also uses econo 86 octane fuel in his mower. If he offers applications of crabgrass preventer, he would have nothing to cut every week. He charges anywhere from $10-35. The high number is his price for a 2 acre spred.<p>SPECIAL SCRUB<br>Uses a new residential mower of at least 5 horsepower. Uses a Homelite trimmer. Sharpens his blade once a season. Has an old, compact, 2wd truck(probably foriegn, depending on how scrubby he is) His accounts are 50/50 (not res/com, but half grass, half weeds!) Price ranges are from $20-40 All of his customers are over 75. and he has 25 accounts <p><br>REGULAR SCRUB Runs an ancient 48&quot; WB that he got for $600 has a push mower with no blade shutoff. Has 2 trimmers and a hand blower. He might own a trailer if hes really well off. He has a few accounts with irrigation. No commercial jobs. price range:25-60<p>REDNECK SCRUB: He drives a stock 77' Ford Hiboy. Has a 1970s simplicity riding tractor. It has a 44&quot; deck. It has racing strips on the hood and the operators entire name written in cursive some where on it. The engine runs surprisingly smooth on grain alcohol. He has a speedometer on his tractor. Instead of a cup holder he has spit cup. Instead of a &quot;comfy seat&quot; He has a toilet seat(so he can be more &quot;at home&quot; while on the range)If he lives up north, the tractor has a snowplow on it at all times. Instead of normal U.S currency, his customers pay him with chicken feed , horse manure, and homemade rubarb pie.<p>WANNA BE SCRUB... Uses a 48&quot; ransoms belt drive WB<p>If i forgot anything... feel free to add it in. If you think up your own, share it with everyone so we know where to catogorize the scrubs i forgot.<br>
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    These &quot;scrub&quot; discussions are getting old.<p>&quot;my&quot; opinion<p>Chuck Keough
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    At least that clears me off all scrubness<p>I second that though, i'm kinda getting tied of hearing about scrubs.
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    it does seem revealing that the posters of scrub discussions (and there ahve been a few) fail to self identify where they fall on the scale.<p>GEO
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    I agree 100% with chuck. these &quot;scrub&quot; discussions have been getting old. Anyone that actaully takes time out of their day to think about this is either a scrub or a loser. no one cares about these scrub things. this is a commercial lawn care forum, not a trailer park discussion forum.<p>Bryan
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    ouch...that hurt. I guess snow feels even stronger about it than i do
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    Now in all fairness to Kenneybros boys, the scrub discussions have been beat to death in the past and I don't think he has posted too much material as I do not recall seeing this handle before.<br>However, this scrub stuff gets so much attention that anyone who pops in and reads might just think that it is our main focus here. Scrub this and scrub that. I can say that this forum gets a lot less of my readership and participation because of it.<p>The perps know who they are. This guy is just one of the last to throw a stone.<br>I'm really glad not to have coined this term and I never heard of it untill coming here. <p>Sure I posted an issue my opinion of the term and I doubt many people read it.<br>And people who can't come closed to spelling, grammar or forming a coherent sentence should not be so quick to judge others.<br>Me offensive? I think not.
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    I have to aggree with everyone that these posts are getting old. Some of you guys make fun of these people you call &quot;scrubs&quot; some of them can't help it and some of them can. My point being is that these people may not chose this life style and to be out mowing. If I saw one of these guys running around with there mower hanging out of the back pull up across the street from me to mow a yard and says Hi to me I am not going to ignore him and if he comes over to chat I would do my best to make him feel he was on the same level as me not in the lawn business but in society. Well what am trying to say is that man your calling a &quot;scrub&quot; may have a wife and two kids at home depending on him to take care of them at least he is getting out there, doing his best to earn a dollar and putting food on the table for his family that is more than most people can say. I have a lot of respect for these &quot;men&quot; that you call &quot;scrucbs&quot; that are down on there luck at least their not at the bar drinking there sorrows away while there family starves at home and the government that supports them with your tax dollars. One more point is you can drive around with your new truck and all new equipment and turn out the sorriest work or I can drive around with mine with my spit cup and turn out the best work, guess who the &quot;scrub&quot; is? You should never judge a man by what he has but by the level of his manhood.<p><br><p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: trimmer
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    Well said Trimmer...<p>I got my spit cup going too! :) Cope!
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    Trimmer- I couldn't of said it better myself. Even the local guy with a 21&quot; murray and craftsman weed trimmer is trying to put food on his table. some of these guys (even ones i know at the fd) have multiple jobs. they want to earn extra money to go on a vacation or get a new car. i have a lot of respect for these people. I never judge a fellow landscaper until i see what they're all about. I was once cutting a lawn and an old fellow in a nissan pickup was watching me cut a lawn, he had a small mower in the back and waved as he drove by. this man probably couldn't of been more happier, so why misjudge these people.<p><br>Bryan

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