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Portsmouth, VA
Associates in Science and Math. Need to do Junior and Senior project to finish BA in computer engineering from Christopher Newport University. One of these days I'll get around to finishing that.


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BBA Operations management from the University of Iowa. Go Hawks! My lawncare apprenticeship has lasted my whole life and I consider myself lucky to have learned from a pioneer in the field.
in the school of Hard Knocks and Dumb A-- mistakes. Took me 25 years to get that one.

Quit college 2 terms shy of Ag Engineering degree from OSU
( Go Beavers, Ducks s---, Pac - 10 Rules). Back in 1978. Something about that lawn business and that hometown girl, made me not return to finish.

Associates in Business Admt. almost completed, at night while working.

Too many sales, business, chemical and turf seminars to count over the years.

Never quit learning.


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Working on PGMS Certification through Harcourt Learning Direct. Not much to shout about, but I'm real proud of the effort and want to move on to bigger and better educational opportunities at the end...

As the man said, never stop learning.



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Memphis, TN
BBA in accounting. Worked several years as consultant on profit sharing plans and 401(k)'s.

Maybe do side work in winter.


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SE Pennsylvania
B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Scranton. Thought I wanted to be a cop, but decided not to as my neighbor who was a cop was killed in the line of duty just after I graduated college. He was only 2 years older than me, but decided I couldn't put my family thru what his went thru. Now I work as a environmental paralegal and am planning on going into this full-time next year. I have been doing lawns part time for the past 6 years and worked for LCO's all thru high school and college.
I don't remember ANY public safety officer shot and killed in the line of duty in Scranton or Wilkes-Barre in the last
forty years.

You must be refering to that hell hole known as Philadelphia.

On topic remark: Two year degree in Automotive Tech at Williamsport Area CC now known as Penn College of Technology.

I was a master tech certified by NIASE now ACE at twenty years of age right out of school.

B/4 I started in the green industry a dozen years ago I was a outbound (P.M.) supervisor and rate clerk for less than truckload motor carriers.

I was 26 years old supervising teamsters more than twice my age. You get tough quick when you are in that kind of
environment. And learn many things they don't teach at Harvard or Yale business school.

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I have a B.S. in Plant and Soil Sciences from U of Delaware and AAS in Landscape Development and Ornamental Horticulture from the State University of NY @ Farmingdale. I started out as a Bio Major at SUNY Geneseo, but that wasn't for me and I've been dong this since I was 12 and could walk aound the block and mow peoples lawns. I guess you'd say I was a scrub then, but in my opinion any one under say 18 or 19 that's still in school and working thier butt off is no scrub, even the kid on the bike. (BTW I'm 27 now and Im fully legal/ins/certified pest applicator) Beats walking and increases range. What kid needs to pay taxes, etc. No way, besides they do crap lawns anyway for annoying people. . Anyway, the point was that I ended up going to school for this because I've always liked it and it was great. People that want to increase their business and knowledge really would benefit from even a few classes at night or in the winter at a local college. It makes everything easier when you know what you are talking about and doing, but you can also learn from experience.
Give the hard working kids and students credit. The older people that are scrubs are dirtbags!

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