deines quality mowers?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ccorts, May 7, 2002.

  1. ccorts

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    Can anyone tell me their opinion of Deines mowers. I don't seem to read much about these and am wondering how their quality and "strengths" compare to others. For the price, would a Z or a low end torro commercial be a better value for a homeowner who cuts 4 acres. Also, I want to purchase my last mower (I am 50). Comments and suggestions please. On a different issue, can someone direct me to the best product that can be applied to mower decks to reduce the time spent "scraping". Currently spending 30 minutes after each cut doing this. Again, thanks.
  2. Mowingman

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    I demoed one once and it handled nicely and had a good cut. I did not buy one though, as it looks like there are a lot of potential maint. problems with the chain drive system. It would probably be fine for homeowner use, but I did not feel like it was built for heavy commercial use. I know some folks around here that have them for their large acreage homesites and they say they are happy with them. I don't know where they are built and their dealers seem to be few and far between.:)
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    dienes ,i think is homebased in arkansaw.
    i had the marty j back in 87 . it was a good machine . im surprised if they are still using that chain drive system.
    that is the only thing that ever gave me much trouble.
    is it as good as the quality midmounts ,
    no way. but its a tough machine.
  4. Elmer

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    My Dad bought one this spring and seems to be really pleased with it. He mows about 10 acres per week with it and has had no trouble so far. They have came out with a new, all hydraulic system, with steel hydraulic lines that is far superior to the old chain-drive system. Dads mower is the newer version. BTW, the same guy that designed the Deines also designed the Zipper. If you compare them, they are remarkably similar. I feel that the Zipper is probably the better machine (I own a 2001 Zipper), it definitely has a heavier deck and is a beefier machine.

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