Delima, 1mower, help please


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hi, most of you lco seem like you have some success so I turn for help. I have had one lawn buis that finally failed for various reasons. Quality was not a reason. my ? is I can only afford only 1 mower but my problem is 1/2 of customers want it bagged the other1/2 want it mulched, I will have a zero turn either toro500 series or lazer z, and as we all no it's to much to keep changing mower over so what do I do. all help will be appreciated. thanks Bill


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Columbus, NE
use double blades and side discharge when not bagging. If its leaves too much on top then go over it again. (I rarely have to do this) It gives a look close to full mulching but you can go a bit faster and not as much tendency to clump.
This is what I do but I decide when I will and won't bag NOt the customer.


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Based on the fact your in the south, you have to deal with warm season grasses. I don't like the look of side discharge on them. So, you have a dilema. Maybe a bagging unit and an OCDC like the quickchute for mulching.