delivered mini Z, bad news


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dealer delivered my mini Z that I just purchased a few dasy ago and ran it for a lil bit. It rained all day long, however, I ran it for a lil bit, and AWESOME!!! I love it so far, however a few days ago I went out and test drove this and asked my saleman that I smelt gas, he said that the just filled thr tank and that he might of spilled a lil on the grass or so forth, ok, sounds reasonable, then when I received my mini today, same exact one that I test drove, i parked it in the garage and 2 hours later smelt gas in my garage, looked around the mini Z, and saw gas dripping off my tire, i wiped it down and saw seapage, small hole somewhere in the right gas tank where the conrtols and ignition is. My concern is since I'm having problems now, I want a whole new Mini, I don't want them to fix the tank, from my experience once broken always broken, I'm going to request a new mini from my dealer tomorrow, My question is how involved is it to replace just the tank, or am I making this a big deal and wanting them to give me a whole new mini? what are your thoughts??


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Since I am getting this post a day after you posted it, I am sure you have been to your dealer already.
Of course our tanks are made by a outside company and there is a possibility there was a plastic mold issue.
Obviously safety is our biggest concern and if you have not already, open the door and let air vent in there and DO NOT START THE UNIT.
If your dealer hasn't already, have them pick the unit up and replace the tank, do what it takes to make you satisfied.
There are only a couple bolts involved in replacing the tank and a fuel line that must be removed, it is a rather simple procedure.
Let me know how you made out.