Delivering flyers is depressing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Royallawncare, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Royallawncare

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    Today is the first day of my season here! I got up today all pumped and ready to begin advertising my company i picked up my ready made flyers from the printer and had all these high hopes for getting new accounts. I spent 3 hours passing most of them out and am now waiting for the calls to come in. I think on monday i will be printing some more flyers and going to door to door do you think this will bring a little more success than just dropping them off to everyone? Are there any special things you can do to draw more attention to your flyer or make it more me feel more optimistic about dropping my companys flyer off on the doorstep (I belive it is a great and well designed professional looking flyer)
  2. cajunboy

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    You have to give it a little time. I started late last year in july. I put out flyers door to door and some neighborhoods I had good success and some I had no success and they were the same size and price homes. I had one neighborhood I put out flyers and not one call for 2 weeks and then the calls started coming in. I got 4 new customers from that neighboorhood. Then I had one neighborhood I did not get any calls when I put them out in july but I got 1 call in December from a flyer from july. I cant believe people keep those things so long. This year I have 5000 great looking color door hangers.Good luck I hope this helps.
  3. Wells

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    Don't get discouraged just yet. Even though the weather is really nice here in the SLC valley it is still a bit early for most people. I've been out this past week as well distributing fliers with minimal calls at this point. After your finished distributing your fliers it becomes a waiting game.

    Over the next couple of weeks the phone will start ringing more. You'll be surprised how many people will hold on to you flyer until they are ready. Sometimes i'll get calls off fliers that were distributed the previous year.

    I've even noticed that the door to door aerating guys are out today and I don't see them doing much work right now.
  4. traman

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    neon colored paper helps a little ,go to the most expensive supermarket close to you house , put them on car Windows
  5. nriddle77

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    The problem with this idea is that you are targeting people from all over. Some of them may not even own homes, let alone be in the area you want to work in.
  6. Royallawncare

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    My flyers are printed on a bright green paper...Is it legal to place flyers on car windows?
  7. traman

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    thats y i said close to your home , i personally don't drive more than a mile to the supermarket , besides its just another way to get flyer's out besides door to door, every little bit helps . i never heard it to be illegal ,just don't rock the car, alarms you know
  8. Lux Lawn

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    If you start leaving them under windshield wipers people that don't want them are going to throw them on the ground and litter the parking lot with paper that has your name and number on it.This topic has been talked about several times here and some that have done it had to go back and clean them up after so be careful.
  9. lawnman_scott

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    You dont HAVE TO go back unless you are activly caught doing it.
  10. gogetter

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    This screams unprofessional to me. I equate it to when guys staple or tape flyers to poles, which is what people do when they're having a yard sale.
    When you look out at a parking lot that's been "flyered", it looks "littered".

    Plus it's like a shortcut, it says "I didn't want to take the time to put flyers on doors, so I took the easy way out". Do you want to hire someone that takes shortcuts?? Not me.

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