Delivering Flyers, which was is best?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by grassmanak, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. grassmanak

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    Im making up a few thousand flyers and door hangers, and im wondering what the best way to deliver them is. The door hanger part is easy, but im wondering about the flyer. I like the idea of taping them to the door, but is it really a good idea, do people get angry by the fact that someone taped something to there door??, should i fold them and then punch them with a hole bunch and do them up with a rubber band?, should I roll them up, how are others doing it?
  2. Shawninfl

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    I think the rubber band idea is a little cheap. If you wanted to do something like that try some ribbon. Looks nicer and more professional. I agree with the tape thing. I wouldn't like it if someone taped something to my door. Also, remember don't put anything in te mailbox - against federal law without going through mail service. Also, don't put on cars etc with out first checking with local laws and ordinances. In some areas if it is posted no soliciting you can get arrested for putting up door hangers and such. Not worth the trouble if you ask me!
  3. xchevy

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    Reading threads to learn. It never dawned on me about the placing of flyers in the mail box being illegal. Is that something that is actually enforced, I mean are there people that would make a fuss over this. To me, I would much rather have someone drop a flyer in my mailbox than to be fiddling around by my front door, trying to hang or tape something on it. What about newspaper delivery box, any problems with that??
  4. TripleTsLawnCare

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    I would not recommend putting flyer on mail boxes. We got busted by the post master general last year. Got a phone call followed by a not-so-nice certifed letter in the mail. They let me know if they found another one it would be a $100 fine per occurance.
  5. gslawncare

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    roll the flyer in a way that your name is showing. I place the flyers right between the handle and door. the roll actually keeps itself in place becuase it wants to unravel. Now as long as the owner uses there door they have to move it, because it's inthe way. if you cant fix the roll into that spot, use the crack between door and frame. wedge it in there and it won't fall either.
  6. monstermows

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    I would go to a professional print shop and have them make 5000 doorhangers for you. Or how many you want. They have artists who will draw you a logo even. I would hang those 5000 doorhangers myself. Then I would speak to the printshop to have them put the information they developed on the doorhanger on a flyer (I am in the process of this). I would get like 50 flyers made and then goto places of business that have tac boards and tac the flyer of (supermarkets, colleges, churches, gyms anywhere you can find a tacboard). I thought of putting the flyiers out to residents but I would much rather use doorhangers for residents they are more professional. Flyiers I would look for places of high traffic to hang.

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