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    I Live In The Florida Panhandle And Need Some Help On What To Charge For Delivery, Site Prep, And Laying Of A 450 Sq Ft Pallet Of Sod. The Sod Farm Is Apx 10 To 15 Miles From The Site I Need To Lay It At. Should I Charge By The Hour, Sq Ft Or Per Pallet. I Will Need To Lay At Least 10 Pallets. The Owners Are Paying For The Sod All I Have To Do Is Deliver, Prep And Lay.

    Thanks Any Suggestions Are Apprieciated.

    Charles, Straight Cut Lawn Service
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    What's Up With People Capitolizing Every First Letter In The Sentence? Not Being a SmartAss But I Notice It All The Time. This Took Me Like Ten Minutes To Type What's The Point? :hammerhead:
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    Charge by the pallet, 250 to 300 a pallet.

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