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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fga, Dec 9, 2003.

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    Let's say your installing x amount of sod and you're going to do the maintenance afterwards. Do you charge for the delivery of the materials? I always charge if I can't get it all myself, but now that I bought a dumptruck, I'm in a new dilema. It's like pricing a sod job,etc., with the guy saying "I have everything in the yard much to install?" I don't want to beat myself and the truck up, for the same cost. Should I add on $30-$50 for delivery? That leads to another one.....disposal. Its it a better idea to have the customer pay for dumpster bin, or charging for you to haul and dispose of? In the city, you see this all the time in front of a landscape job, a 30 yard bin.
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    If you've invested more in a truck that hauls the load, or functions otherwise (dumps), then yoyu charge for it. How much ios your time, fuel and ability to haul worth? How much would it cost the CUSTOMER to take the time and go get it themselves. Example: Home Depot rents a nice little truck for about a hundred bucks if people want to take their stuff home.;) Get my drift?
    When you give a price of this type, it is always with delivery and installation. Charge accordingly.
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    Hey Adam-We charge delivery on anything that goes in the truck to the client's house( plant material, mulch,trees,retaining blocks, etc.).Then we charge to haul away debris as well.You have to look at the truck as an extra employee, and compensate as such.You need a minimum # of $ per hour trucktime.We charge $ 50.00 , 1/2 hr. minimum.No complaints from anyone.:D

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