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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnhenry, May 24, 2003.

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    One of my dealers has the wright line in now and made me a offer that I had to take a look at.So far I have put 6 hours on this new sentar. For this sweet of a deal I was hoping that I would be happy with it.But I have found this unit not to be user friendly.The ride is allright and cut is average for a fixed deck.It can climb hills but climbing & cutting doesnt really work with this unit.The hilly terrain keeps pushing the foot pan up so you have to keep applying pressure as you climb.Here in the ozarks that idea wont work.Speed is allright and it is very compact also.I will say it is built solid & strong but it handles more like a bob cat than a ztr.The hydro's are so super stiff.I know they change them this year.The loop handle you have to apply so much pressure its alot worse than pistol grips.Guys that use wright does it get easier or more comfortable as you get use to them?.Plus when you sit you have a blind spot on the left side of the cutting deck that you cant see the curb because of the high mounted gas tank.I tried standing for a while on it but I'm to big of a guy and at 6'4 was to far away from the controls.I keep trying to sell myself on the idea of this unit but keep coming back why would some one design this unit and how the future hold for them.Last years units were a bust and they change so many features this year. Makes me wonder about them.I will keep a open mind thru the weekend and see if it gets easier to use.Any idea's ?
  2. I'm 6'3"-240 and demoed a Sentar last Summer. It’s my opinion that machine isn’t a good fit for people our size on steep (over 15-degree) slopes. Of course there are large people that love them (I do except for the hill-side performance). Standing on a Sentar does help out on slopes.

    I own Standers, they have fixed decks. Sentars have a floating deck. Did you mean to say the mower you’re using has a fixed deck?

    The controls on my Standers are pretty much the same as when I bought them. Cut is average. Standard mulching is a plate on the discharge, so its nothing special.
  3. I misunderstood your question about the controls. As far as getting used to them, it does get easier. There are two settings for the control sensitivity in the upper linkage. One set of holes has a Rabbit symbol next to them. Obviously, that's the faster setting, but it’s a lot more twitchy. The Tortoise set of holes makes for much smoother (precise) turns and maneuvers. I started on the faster setting, changed to the slower setting, then changed back to the fast setting after about a week. If you're machine is too responsive, you might try the slower setting, but it also helps to keep your hands close to the center of the stationary bar.
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    I just bought a Sentar a month ago and really love the thing.

    Sure it took a little getting used to keeping foot pressure on the deadman foot pan, but now I don’t even think about it much.

    Mine is a 2003, and the hydro’s are not stiff – they are easy to operate. I can see the left side of the deck just fine and can trim with ease.

    I’ve tried standing on this machine, but the controls are too low, so I don’t think it wouldn’t be a good idea.

    It is fast. I also have a Dixie Chopper, but the Sentar can manuver faster and turn around faster without tearing up the turf. On the other hand, the Dixie is better when it’s wet or when going up and down steep hills. I am going to put 40 pounds on the front which will help the Sentar.

    If you want to look at something, watch ebay because Wright is selling a bunch of Sentars wright now:

    They have been selling these machines on ebay for about three weeks now.
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    The Sentars on eBay are 2001 or 2002 models that have had the oil cooler upgrade.

    The new 2003 models have a much larger wheel motor, heavier seat suspension for a better ride and and the oil cooler. I demo cut and used this new version and I will pick my new one up tomorrow. This is a sweet mower. They have raised the controls so it is a little easier to stand and drive. The seat is also adjustable for taller legs. The power this machine has is awesome. Fastfast fast and even cuts great at 10-11 MPH. Takes a little getting used to on hills but feels stable and didn't slide as much as the ToroZ or Lesco Z2 did for me.

    I will keep you posted on any new observations in the near future.

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