Demo a ZTR? and Which one?


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Ok I am definitely gettting ztr. I rode one today and loved it. Question is besides just driving it around the lot, will they let you cut with it? Will they let you take it home and use it? Wondering what people meant by "demo-ing" a ztr. The dealer where I went has no grass, but Id love to cut with it before I buy.

Also...I think I am between a Cub Cadet M60 (7200) and the Lesco z2 (6299). Here is the deal though. NO warranty service on the lesco near me. Closest is 1 hour 15 minutes away..BUT...Other dealers around here will work on the Lesco (out of warranty) and I figure the parts will be easy if they are the same as the Cub. What would you do???

Last the Cub and Lesco EXACTLY the same besides minor cosmetics? If so I think I want the Lesco for 900 cheaper...


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Check with Emerich Sales and Service. He's in charlton (518-399-8574) they carry Exmark, Grasshopper, Kubota and Toro. Good dealer and should have demos available.