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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Fieldman12, Nov 21, 2007.

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    This is down the road a ways before i start maybe getting into this type of work. I know it also depends on where you live, trucking prices and disposal fees. I was reading in HEF that some guys are charging to tear down say a house $14.00 a square foot and that from what I understand was not including a foundation or backfilling. Just curious what you guys charge. Also a old wood barn would be allot easier to tear down and I would think way less stuff if any to seperate. What do you guys charge to tear down a square foot.
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    I just look at how long it ought to take, how many dumpsters I have to hire, and go from there.
  3. wanabe

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    $14.00 x 2000SQ Ft house = $28,000.00. I wish it worked that way! Arround here it is $100-120hr for a 200 size ex., $65hr for a semi(usually need 3 for the day), and about $2000-3000 in dumping fees. And most are done in a 8 hour day, which totals in the 5-7 grand range. This is not factoring in a basement or fill dirt or machine to level the lot.
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    If you can get $14 a square then all the power to you. WITHOUT tipping fees or trucking $1.75-$2 a square is about right. Trucking depends on how you do it, dumpsters, dump trucks etc. I work with a few different guys here and they give me a set price per job so we all know what we are gonna make.

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