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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by lx665, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. lx665

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    I'm looking into adding low-voltage lighting as a new service. I see that several of the lighting companies offer demo kits. Are the demo kits that some of the lighting companies sell worth it and how much do they cost? Are they good for trying different lights to view the effects? How do you show your customers what different lights will do?

  2. Mike & Lucia

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    There are extensive discussions posted regarding demo kits and the pros and/or cons of doing demonstrations. Look back over the last two or three months.


    KPPORTSNH LawnSite Member
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    cast has a big case demo kit that comes with a transformer and 20 bullet lights. They also have a sales hit with various fixtures. The smaller sales kit is about $400-500 i think and the big demo kit is about $1500-1800! Both are pretty good and help you sell lighting jobs!
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    we recently assembled our own. We used Dabmar fixtures and an off shore transformer and some scraps of 12 ga wire we already had. We do not light the entire house at a demo (only done a few) but put out a few path lights... maybe 6-8 bullets.

    Takes about 20 min to set up and bout 10 to tear down. What we did is put leads on all our lights and just hook it up like we would a real system. Twist the wires together flip a switch and your golden.

    Not only has it sold 2 jobs on the spot (both were twice the price the client had in mind of spending) but its also aided in design when we had some arcitecture that we were unsure of fixture placement.

    I think we have 600 into ours. I just gotta find the time to add the quick connectors now.

    KPPORTSNH LawnSite Member
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    yeah, alot of guys build their own demo kits because they can make it exactly how they want it and usually do it cheaper than buying a premade kit.
  6. extlights

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    We went a little overboard on ours, but I prefer selling a job after doing a demo at their property. Sometimes just going off of a print is more of a headache than it's worth. It's much better to be precise, and doing demos is one way to achieve that.

    We will light up the entire home......if that's what they are looking for. Right now we carry about 15 well lights, 10 bullets, 15 paths, and a few specialty lights with a 900w transformer. While it seems like a lot, ALL of it has come in handy over the years.
  7. Pro-Scapes

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    im sure through the years ours will grow as well. Only thing I dont like about demo so far is late night out. Once it gets dark earlier it wont be so much of an issue but I can promise unless they are on a refferal there will be no free demos :)
  8. eskerlite

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    Forget about the transformers and get a 7ah 12v motorcycle battery. Show one fixture at a time on one focal point at a time. Path lights I show the beam spread and then calculate tip of spread to tip of spread. I show 3 differnt styles of path are lights. I show one bullet with a bab or a fmw. I have a small spot with a 93 bayonet for a soft light wi9th sharp shadows. I have a spot with an mr-8 for small areas. I have a par 36 7558 20w wfl halogen spot for a softer that mr-16 ligtht. I have a pole saw pole with an extension and a mr down light/fmw. Extends to 18' for moonlighting.
    I show a tiki light(flame on top,light below). One at a time, let the owner design a little. This is the way Ive done the last 100 Jobs.
  9. extlights

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    To me showing one fixture at a time is like a salesman showing me all the options on a car but not letting me test drive it. (Just my opinion.)

    By doing full demos (lighting up the entire front of the home, path and trees at the same time) it not only gives the customer a great look, but it also helps us in the design process. I can unhook one light and move it 15 feet in a matter of 10 seconds if needed to achieve the perfect look.

    By doing full demos, we've also sold the neighbors on that same night. They see how nice their neighbors home looks all lit up, and that gives them the idea to add a system as well. It takes us 10-15 minutes to light the facade of a home with path lights and tree light if applicable.

    Everyone has their own selling tactics, this is just what's worked very well for us over the years.
  10. eskerlite

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    If the customer doesnt use you, do you see your demo design installed by someone else? My first demo was a full yard demo and the customer wanted to change everything I showed. This killed it for me.

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