Demo machine time, how much should you get from the dealer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Jason Rose

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    How many hours, or minutes would you EXPECT a dealer to let you use their Demo machine? Personally I'd love to try several brands of Z mowers (Dixie, Grasshopper, Hustler-no xr7) But the dealers here and/or the factory reps want me to "try it on a lawn or two" and that's it. After one Exmark demo I did a few years ago when I was point blank told to put no more than 2 hours on the machine, then last summer a JD 717 demo where I was allowed to cut ONE lawn while the salesman stood there waiting... Iv'e learned to ASK if I can try one for a day.

    Frankly I'd like the ability to have one on the trailer for a few days, to test it on challenging lawns where I know my current machine suffers. Also need to find out where I can fit a slightly wider mower and where I can't and if it's capable of mowing everything I need it to without having to switch machines half way through a particular lawn where I never had to before.

    I have a G-hopper front deck 52" with the bag type collection system coming to try out in the next week or so. I already asked about keeping it for a whole day once and was shot down. I'm not about to even think of buying something new again without having it on most of my current lawns.

    Opinions? Am I too unreasonable?
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    Hey... any chance you can set up that demo after 3:30, so your part time help could get an oppertunity to run it a little...?
  3. YotaNate

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    My John Deere/Scag dealer let me demo a 767 for 2 days. I put 14 hours on the clock.
  4. MMLawn

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    I keep my last one (just last week, actually) for 4 days......another reason I buy Deere and buy from the same dealer

    But I think it also depends on how much business you have done in the past and probably more importantly how much they think you may do in the future. I'm sure as much as I spend I get more time than some dude or company that spends only a few hundred there.
  5. Dirty Water

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    In the heavy equipment world (sorry, don't do mowers) its not uncommon for a sales guy to leave a demo on a site for a week at time. He really wants the commissoin off a $50k+ purchase :)
  6. Jason Rose

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    I think that's the case here... They didn't know me from jack as I have never dealt with them before. Yeah I'm solo but I didn't just start yesterday! Oh well, the DC dealer lost my potential business already since he refused to get the factory to send a catcher for one so I could try. I have ZERO use for a discharge mower but they don't understand that.
  7. ThirdDay

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    How long are you allowed to demo a car or truck??

    To expect a dealer to allow you to use a mower for more than a few hours/one full day is asking a bit much. You should plan to take the mower to your most "challenging" accounts and have a good idea of what's what from there.

    Some dealers don't allow demos anymore due to the fact that 'scapers brought them back in terrible condition and sometimes broken. Some dealers in my area now charge for demos (rent) and then give you the money back if you buy a mower from them.
  8. WildWest

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    I didn't demo my Exmark before I bought, but I did stop by and watch several other LCO's mowing with the mowers I was interested in to see HOW WELL they were mowing. granted, it's not the same, but you can see the results. Each guy I spoke with was kinda like a salesman for his brand of mower but I feel like you get a more honest opinion from an end line user than a dealer salesman who is looking for a commission.

    Unless you are a big LCO who deals with the same dealer all year long and you trade in your used equip. every few years, you aren't gonna get the same length of time to test equipment.
    That is a benefit of dedication to one dealer.
  9. ATL Lawn

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    What's your line?

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