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Demo Results: Lazer Z vs. Dixie Chopper

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I finally did it. I have been meaning to demo both Exmark and Dixie and I finally did it yesterday and today. I have been using a 48" Encore ZTR, and both of the Lazer and DC are better machines. Here is a list of of the pros and cons. Keep in mind that this in Georgia and the type of grass is centipede and we cannot stripe down here. These mowers are both 60" side-discharge. The Exmark had 25 Kholer and the DC had a 23 Kholer.

Seat: Dixie had the more comfortable seat- more cushioning. The exmark seat was lower to the ground- lower center of gravity. The DC had better visibility.

Cut: Exmark had a slightly better cut although both were excellent.

Transmission and ride: The Dixe felt like a Cadillac. The transmission was silky smooth. Even at 14mph I felt like I was in complete control. The exmark felt like I could not control as well as the chopper at high speeds. The exmark transmission was stiff and the machine was not new (272 hrs) so it was broken in. The chopper was fun to drive alot more so than the exmark. Both use 10w-30 oil which is a big plus.

Noise: The chopper was quieter.

Deck thickness: The exmark had a thicker deck and a deeper looking deck.

Deck height control: The chopper was easier to adjust w/ the foot control. The exmark was kind of a pain to change the single pin to adjust height, but it was nice because it showed how high you were cutting in inches.

Cutting speed: The chopper wins of course- 14mph to 9.5 mph.

Cutting deck rollers: The exmark rollers were better and did not dig into the ground at all. The DC rollers dug in from time to time.

Side discharge to mulch: Takes a kit to install on a exmark, but takes seconds w/ a handle to push down a deck plug on the DC.

Deck engage: The exmark had the more advanced PTO switch, the DC had a twist handle to turn blades which you could do w/ your foot.

Better on hills: The dixie chopper was better because of the wheel spread which means the exmark was easier to trim or get to objects with.

Easier to work on: The DC because of the lack of compactness. The exmark was more compact and looked smaller.

Air filter: The DC has a 3-stage air filter that prolongs engine life and lessens air filter maintenance.

Appearance: The exmark is a "prettier" mower, but the chopper has a more expensive look especially at 14mph. The chopper has carpet mat where you put your feet that looks cheesy. Both look heavy duty commercial.

Price: Chopper is about $500 to $1000 more.

Deck noise: Exmark was louder.

Tires: Smaller chevron(DC) vs. bigger turf tire(Lazer Z). Chevron offers a little more traction, but turf tire will not tear up the yard as easy.

60" vs. 48": The 60" is better even on small yards. Gives less tire tracks. Wider, flatter cut. It even performed well on hills (better than my Encore).

The winner: I like the Dixie Chopper better. It was alot of fun to ride while productivity was better. It seems it would outlast an exmark and retain its value longer. I hope this will help yall. Hopefully, this post is the next best thing to trying them out for yourself.

Rick Wallace


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Somerset, NJ
Reading Lazer's & Eric's appropriate & expected responses gave me one of the best laughs I've had at Lawnsite. Thanks guys & I'm sorry you lost this battle Lazer. Better luck next time! Congrats Eric!


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Hey Lawnworks ..

I agree with ALMOST everything you said with the exception of 'Cut: Exmark had a slightly better cut although both were excellent.' Wrong. DC cuts MUCH better, discharges farther, and chops up the grass into smaller fibers that seem to disintegrate into the remaining grass. Everything else was GREAT.


(BTW- DC cuts better in valleys that you need to 'carve' out with the mower, too.)
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