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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vntgrcr, Mar 26, 2007.

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    I am going to demo an ASV next week. The dealer is from another state. The benefits with going with this dealer out-weigh going with the local dealer. But, he says he will bring me the machine, let me work it for a couple of hours while he waits in his truck and makes phone calls, etc. He says most guys know right away whether they want the machine so longer is not necessary. I disagree and want some time on a machine that I could be dropping $50K on. What are your thoughts, or what have the rest of you experienced? I know CAT's gig, they left me with a 305 for over a month. I hear they have so much iron sitting in there lot you can barely drive in, but their equip. isn't an option for me. I am looking to replace my Bobcat T190. Thanks for any advice.
  2. t190

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    why do you wanna dump the the t190?
  3. dozerman21

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    I would insist on a demo for at least a full day, but I would ask to use the machine for 2 or 3 days. Like you said, if you're going to drop $50K on a piece of equipment, you need to have time to get a good feel for it. There's more to it than moving a little dirt around. The reason why the salesman only wants you to have it for only a couple of hours is because that's what's convenient to him. Screw that. You may be able to see things in a machine that you like in a couple of hours, but many times you don't discover things that you DON'T like in that amount of time. I like to use a machine in most of the conditions that I work in, as well as load it on my trailer and move it to the next job. When I buy my next dozer, I'm going to line up the two that I'm considering for the same day, and have at it. I'm going to try to keep them for 2 days. Dozers are a little more tricky to keep as long, but on a skid or CTL, I would insist on it.

    Keep in mind warranty work if you go around your local dealer. I know it might be cheaper to buy from someone else, but it could be a real PIA to get it worked on, especially if it breaks down on the jobsite. If you can get your local dealer to do warranty work and you didn't buy from them, that could be more trouble than what it's worth. Just my $0.02.:)
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    This is what I have found true in myself and I suppose that it applies to others as well. I typically am more easily impressed by a machine in the first couple hours of running it. Typically the longer I run it the less impressed I become. I find the same tendency in cars and trucks as well. Why ASV? I am curious what your looking for in a CTL over what you have? Although the 190 is a poor example in my opinion I am curious what is the driver for you.
  5. jonnyclark

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    I demoed an ASV SR-70 today. I was totally blown away by the pushing power of this thing. Pilots (I have never used prior to today) were smooth and very responsive. I have been demoing a JD 322 and the ASV makes the 322 look and feel archaic!! A few more demos to go Case and Takeuchi before the decision will be made but so far the ASV will be hard to beat!!!
  6. Fieldman12

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    I would thing that he would at least let you have it a day. I looked at new and used both but I can tell you I used a 2004 Deere for a week free of charge to see if I like it. What Im saying is I bet there is dealers out there that will let you have it longer. Im guessing he wants to keep the hours down on the machine. I don know guys though that will demo a machine with no intention of buying just to do a job and then turn it back in. I know a guy that works for a ag dealership that also sells JCB skid steers. He says you would not bielive the amount of people that will get a machine just to do a job. He sells I usually know it when I show up and there other machine is broke down but what can you expect you have to treat all as if they are going to buy even if you dont think they will.
  7. AWJ Services

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    If he is not not interested in trusting you with demoing his machine for a few days then why would you be interested in investing 50k in his company?

    Good Luck.
  8. RockSet N' Grade

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    Messages: 2,454!!! There is a company here in SLC that sells Takahoochi. Alot of the guys around here would love to run them ( I mean guys with 5-10 machines from mini's to 300's), but the TK dealer will only let you demo their mini for a couple hours and then demand to have it back. Well, nonsense........especially when the local CAT or Gehl dealer will drop a machine off and let you use it till your little heart is content. So, in essence, no TK's on jobsites around here and alot of yellow everywhere.
  9. vntgrcr

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    Thanks for all of the replies guys. First the main reason I am considering the ASV over the 190 is the e/h controls on the 190. I find the "pause" of the controls very unnerving and almost dangerous. I was working around a bldg.the other day and I had the 190 in high gear and went to turn and the thing lurched and came with in a hair of taking out the corner. I never had problems with the pilots on the CAT that I had. The electronics aux. controls turn on and off sporadically and I anticipate other issues. I do like the undercarriage, but the ASV seems to be sized better than what was on the CAT, ie to small an undercarriage for the size/ weight of the machine. After reading on here and doing some research, this is the reason for the CAT self destructing. I will post back as to what this dealer will do. Thanks again.
  10. cddva

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    I would make a point of asking about warranty work for the ASV. I bought my RC50 from a dealer 2 hours away to save several hundred $$. I've needed some repairs/warranty work and according to my local ASV dealer (40 min away), only the dealer you purchase from can do warranty work on ASV equipment.

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