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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fastlane, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. fastlane

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    I'am picking up Turf Tracer HP17Kaw with mulching kit (not installed) first thing in morning. I've researched but not demoed.Good dealer only 1mile away.What should they show me before I load on trailer?What should I ask? I've never used WB hydro.
  2. Greenstar Services

    Greenstar Services LawnSite Member
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    First off congrats on the new toy,you'll love it. Make sure the dealer shows how the grips work for stopping and reverse. It takes a gentle touch the first time out but once you've mastered that it's a breeze. Also have them show you height adjustments, and ask them to install the mulching kit with you watching.Also ask for maintenance tips. Good luck , I have one and love it.
  3. perfection lawn care

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    Hold on tight and hope for the best!! Know its not that bad, just make sure you start on a lawn that is open to enable yourself to get use to it. Or else plan on having to repair or replace something on the house etc.
  4. AielLandscaping

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    keep in mind that when you want the machine to stop you can't just let go of it... i did that when i demoed one, wasn't used to it yet and let go hoping it would stop... man those things are strong it ran into the side of a house and climbed the wall... a little later i did the same thing with a fence... got the whole thing on tape too

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