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    How long should a demo take.we did one this week and i think it took us too you a some quick connect.

    How many fixtures you think we should install in a demo.

    Do you charge for a demo , and how much.

    Thanks for you help.
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    This has been discussed in detail in the past more than once.

    Yes on the quick connectors
    Yes charge if they do not buy
    How long it should take will vary with how many you do and how fast you get.

    Geek man has the biggest demo set I know of consisting of about 3200w

    That said I have not demoed in a long time. If I do now its because a very serious client is butting heads with me on the design or if I am doing an element that I want to see before I produce a final design especially when it involves core drilling or other exsessive labor.
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