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  1. rvsuper

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    Hey everybody!
    I am going to sell my JD F-725 and get a ZTR. I'm looking at an eXmark, scag, or toro. Since I have never demoed a machine, before, how long do you generally get it and does it cost you anything?
  2. Grasshog

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    Depends on your Dealer how long you can keep them. Some dealers only let you keep them for a day two at the most. My dealer ( Exmark) is the best. I kept it for a week.
  3. awm

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    this iis not criticism ,just an observation.
    how in the world do these dealers afford to let an lco demo one an do his wk for a couple o day. the value of the machine ,got to take a big hit ,after that.
    now in the case of lg. outfits with a potential for multiple purchases,i can understand it.
  4. LB Landscaping

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    Like they said it depends on the dealet.. I demod a Toro Z and they let me take it for a day and use it on some of my customers lawns. My local Walker dealer met me at a lawn and let me use it under thier supervision. Make sure however long you get it that you use it on some of your customers lawns. It makes a difference when you can see how it performs. Good Luck
  5. captdevo

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    i let people demo my machines all the time, in fact i just picked up a Chopper demo today, and made 2 sales!!

    the guy and his neighbor ordered some.

    i guess it would depend on your location, person and gut feeling!

    i'm in small town iowa, 95% of my mower sales are homeowners and farmers. they sign an agreement and try it out.

    RVLI.....have you tried Hustler, Walker, Blade Runner or Chopper???

    if not, drop me a line....

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