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    I have not yet demoed any mower, how do I demo a mower, do I just go to a lcal dealer say i want to demo this mower, and just take it home with me or what??????? How long can I keep it, a day, 2, 3,?????????? DO all dealers do this?
  2. GLAN

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    Yes you would have to go to a dealer

    If you do not have a relationship it would be hard to get it for a day. They might meet you at a site, let you use it for that one account.

    Not all dealers have demos' available at all times.
  3. twins_lawn_care

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    I just contacted a dealer for the first time, and they were more than helpful. He explained everything about walk behind's I asked about (since this would be my first besides a 21") and explained how I could demo a mower. He'd meet me at a site, and spend up to an hour and a half showing me the propoer way to use it, and spend enough time for me to get used to using it.
    Dealers will be very helpful to have on your side, especially when things break down, and you need them fixed now!
    do as much research on a dealer as you can, and check out a few.
    they are there to help you, utilize this service.
  4. LB Landscaping

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    Dealers in my area all handle demos differently. Some meet you at a site or two and let you try it on "your own turf." Some only let you try it at there facility. There is one dealer that will let you take any mower for a day and try it out on your route. Its a great selling point. I have found most dealers will jump at a chance to show off there brands. Demo as many as possible, you might think you really like a mcahine until you actually use it.
  5. redbull

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    well said!! i don't think people on this site use their dealer nearly enough

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