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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DCE, May 17, 2008.

  1. DCE

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    Yesterday afternoon I got to demo a Walker Super B while visiting my friends at GHS Corp. The Super B features a 27HP Kohler Command twin cylinder air cooled engine, Hydro Gear IZT2800 hydro transaxles, and a 60 inch deck, 5" deep I believe. Definitely, deeper than the rest of the Walker GHS and SD decks. I spent all afternoon aboard the Super B, doing some mowing on varied terrain around GHS' grounds.

    For starters, the Michigan suspension seat which comes standard is a very nice touch. Definitely smooths out the ride over rough ground. One of the things I like about the operator cockpit besides the seat is the angled footrest. Feels more comfortable to me than aboard the other Walker riders (maybe, if you add the curb jumper ramp/footrest on there), but this is strictly a personal preference. Speaking of rough ground, the large drive tires and pivoting spread tailwheel axle smooth out the ride in conjunction with the seat. On long, straight cuts, the Super B's ground speed can be put to good use. It has a 9mph top speed , though obviously you cannot cut at 9mph, but it's nice to bump the speed up (grass conditions allowing that) to cover more ground in less time. On hillsides, I found the Super B to be very stable and sure footed. Even turns on a hill and backing up a hill proved to be no challenge. Quality of cut wise, the Super B is exactly like its MS, MC, MD, and MT bretheren. The deck carrier frame will flex and float, following the contours of the terrain. The foot assist deck lift is a really nice feature as well. You can easily raise and lock the deck into the transport height with the foot pedal, then release and lower it to your pre-set height at the tug of a lever.

    Typical front mount units are long, front to back. I pleasantly discovered that while the Super B is kind of lengthy, it will handle tight spaces too with ease thanks to the Walker controls. Dare I say it is quite nimble too for its size? That's one of the things that I appreciate about it. Anyone who is familiar with any one of the other Walker models will immediately take to the Super B without any hesitation or problems.

    Overall I am very impressed with the Super B, it's a very rugged machine. Very well built and balanced. Quality of cut is excellent with good, even dispersion of clippings. Was there anything I didn't like? Honestly I cannot say there was.

  2. johnnyusa

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    Great News I am very interested in getting the super B and also a Mt 26 efi ghs walker will be demoing soon Jr.
  3. kjslawn

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    I would love to have one with a bagger I just cant afford it also I dont know where I would put the clippings? but I like the idea of less grass to blow and the quality of cut
  4. mag360

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    That foot pedal sounds golden. The ability to lift the deck on the fly is a huge plus when it comes to commercial mowing.
  5. White Gardens

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    Why don't you just buy a woods or grasshopper. The third wheel can drop in holes and get stuck all the same.

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