Demo'd Lawn Solutions Aerator today...

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by HISnHERS, Jun 18, 2009.


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    ...and I gotta say it's a nice machine. Very user friendly as compared to the Ryan drum machines. The "HERS" half of our business took it for a test run and feels that after some practice she could handle it no problem. Gotta love that! Looks like an aerator and a renovator will be on board our trailer this fall.

    Also gotta give a shout out to David from LS for taking the time from a very busy traveling schedule to give us a personal demo near our location, especially with very little notice. David - will the after sale service be as good? :waving: I gotta know more about that carrier on the back of your motor home as well.

    Hope your trip South goes well - we'll talk to you again in a few weeks.
  2. ktc

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    Just beginning to look for an aerator, needing to core aerate 9 acres of fescue sod this fall in the MO Ozarks, what's the best self-propelled, or 3-point?? Spoons or knives?? any opinions you have will be appreciated.
  3. rcreech

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    You will want a 3-pt.

    Lesco has a very good pull behind/3-pt.

    Definitly spoons!
  4. ktc

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    Thanks rcreech,
    I've used Lesco for years on chemicals, but have had some trouble with their sprayer/spreader buggy. I'm located in Joplin, MO and have to go to Tulsa OK for Lesco products. I hate to say it, but I've been dissatisfied with the customer service we've gotten out of Tulsa (can't say as I blame the guys there, Joplin, MO is probably not much of a priority). I'm not opposed to buying from Lesco, but I doubt if I could get a demo out of them. I'm completely inexperienced with aeration and would be well served by a company who would send a sales rep (fat chance in Joplin MO).
  5. lawn king

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    Lesco's 3 pt. was always a millcreek. It was a good light duty aerator. I strongly recommend woods or landpride. Im selling my woods/gill pl 60 to jump up to the woods/gill pl 72". Anyone looking to buy a nice 3 pt. core aerator should pm me soon!

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