Demoed a 25/60 Hustler Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shady Brook, Aug 8, 2002.

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    My Turf Tiger is down, and I have wanted to try the Hustler products, and the only 60 they had was the regular Z, no suspension seat. I really want to try the super with suspension.

    First the dealer prob's. Blade was hitting... what.... apparently the multch kit that I did not ask for. Pulled the kit, and no prob's. I really would have liked to try the kit too, wonder how it would be on leaves.

    Tires all showed 0 pressure! What's up with that???

    machine had 4 hours according to the sales guy, I confirmed it. 7 hours in the saddle, and it still had 4 hours! Interesting.

    Pulleys and muffler rusting pretty good. Sits out side all day, also the reason why the arm rest was cracked badley.

    Not looking good at this point.

    Oh yeah, one blade is in terrible shape, badly gouged. Sharpened them all best I could shy of replacement.

    Negatives... Have to take the blade bolt off from the bottom.

    That would be it for the negatives.

    In comparison to my Tiger:

    Steering is much smoother! Much superior to the 2000 Tiger.
    Very hard to tear Turf! much better then the Tiger.

    Side Discharges much better, on a double cut it really pretty much takes care of everything, even in very tall grass. Much better then the Tiger under any circumstances.

    Engine placement for servicing is much better then the H2O cooled Tiger.

    Faster, and more nimble with a great trim edge.

    Cuts down the odd weeds in my yard that the Tiger misses as well as my Exmark 48 walkbehind.

    Does not bog down in big grass at high speeds! Much better then the Tiger.

    It is a Billy Goat! I will call it Billy Goat from now on. This thing took on a hill that I dumped my exmark 48 2 times on, and also my scag 32 one time. I can not walk latterally on the hill unless I am holding onto my mower, very steep. The Hustler dominated it, no slipping, just hung on like I could not believe! I am so impressed with this. I was mowing the edge of a ditch bank at my home, super steep, been long time since I mowed it. Dropped the front half of the mower over the side... Tiger and me would have gotten wet, nose first. The Huster roared right out with no problems other then my plapitating heart.

    I have not tried a Lazer yet, nor a chopper to see how they stack, but I tell you what... this is one fine machine. I don't think you could go wrong with it.

    I think once I try the Super with the suspension seat I will be done for.

    Oh also, I have demod some other larger machines, and anything over a 52 I get some scalping on even my large properties. With the Hustler I had none! I could not believe I did not scalp a single place, even places where my 52 tends to burn it low were no prob for the Huster.

    Great Machine!

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    Glad you were happy with the performance and the abillities of the Hustler Z.
    Sounds like you got a demo unit that sat outside for storage ???
    Also, sounds like your dealer did not check the unit out before giving it to you for demo.
    Get a Super Z demo, you will love that machine also.


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