Demoed a Cheetah today.... My review....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by THEGOLDPRO, Aug 27, 2012.


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    Horrible to say the least.

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    No! I mow this same property every 2 weeks, and its the same conditions every time i mow it, I NEVER have these problems while mowing with my Exmarks.
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    I don't think the tanks will be that big of a deal. All you need is a big mirror on each side like the ones they use on the front of buses and tractor trailer trucks!
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    I've mowed with that machine and agree with everything you said. I have used exmark and they are great machines. Bob-cat is my perferred machine. Used Dixies for years and they are great machines. My dealer dropped them. If my cats go down, within 1 hr I am back to my routes with a loaner. The cut is great and will spread ANY amount of grass on a second cut . As will Exmark. I'd stick with your Exmarks. Not adding fuel to this soon to be fire... Be safe out there fellas. God is good.
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    Some people say you can see over tanks fine, others say its terrible. I guess it depends if your 5'5". Or 6'2"
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    Im 5'11" and had no problems seeing.
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    I have a new TT and I noticed when I first got in some tall grass that it doesn't spread the grass very far when cutting above 3.5 but does well at 3 and below. I think it may be becasue of the size of large discharge shoot. I cut the front of my yard on 3.5 mainly becasue its pure ST aug and it just vanishes and I cut the back at 2.5 or 3 because its a mix of st aug, bermuda, and bahai or what I like to call it kinagrass (the kind of grass that will grow any where) its lugs my ol mans JD diesel which is why I chose the TT, becasue of power. Another thing I noticed is the deck stays very clean no matter the conditions. I like all the common commercial machines and personally think it depends on the application for what you tend to use it that will make you satisified.
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    The velocity deck was designed to get the clippings out quick. In almost all conditions you will never have to double cut. In thick or wet grass it will not clump even in the rain. The cut quality is amazing 99% of the time. It is the most versitile deck in a veriety of conditions. BUT Goldpro is 100% correct, I have found when cutting grass in the 8 inch plus range the clippings just are not small enough and if you try to double cut them they just get blown a row or two over. Goldpro just happened to find the velocity's weakness. Just like when I demoed an exmark in wet conditions, I have yet to recover from the clumping and packed deck due to the deck making very small clippings and not getting them discharged fast enough. I have since been told to try an exmark again in dry conditions for a smooth cut.
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    you must be shorter, i'm 6'2 and can see just fine, i get within 1" if not closer to whatever i'm cutting and i don't scrap the side of the deck on objects either, and i haven't taken any flowers out from getting too close, but i will agree the exmarks do have a nicer cut quality, and stripe i'm not sure what blade mark your referring too, but my cheetah leaves no blade mark in the center of the stripe. and i have demoed a 60" exmark before. not bad at all just not for me though.
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    I'm 5'8" on a tall day!

    Haven't demo'd one yet but sat on a few in showrooms (61"ers). It was the first thing I noticed.

    Would also like to see SCAG add a reinforcing ring around at least the trim side. If not for strength, but for bottom skirt wear. Every older SCAG I see (including my own) has a worn out bottom trim skirt from concrete/pavement wear.

    While I'm at about some thicker caster forks SCAG?
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