Demoed a Cheetah today.... My review....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by THEGOLDPRO, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. caseysmowing

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    I have a cheetah and I have to agree. I didn't buy the cheetah to have to double cut and when I have done it to see the difference there isn't much. I'm a part timer as of now and if can't mow when it is alittle wet or starts raining once I've started I would be in a world of hurt. My yards are no where near GP's and they might only be a hand full where I live. The cheetah leaves a very good first cut in any condition and thats what I'm looking for.

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    All good points, This mower would be PERFECT for the guys who only cut once and leave, we however do not, we double cut everything and wont leave until it looks perfect.

    Im 6'2 btw and still didn't like the way the tanks blocked the deck, Im not saying i coulden't see the deck, it just wasn't user friendly. Maybe im just used to my exmark where i see every inch of the deck.
  3. TLS

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    In my years of mowing, I really didn't start double cutting until my SuperZ.

    The following cut sufficient enough not to....

    *1968 Cub Cadet 125 48"
    *1985 JD 318 50"
    198? SCAG Classic deck 48"
    1993 JD F-935 60"
    1996 SCAG 48" Ver 1.1 Classic deck
    1997 DC Flatlander 60"
    2001 LC Lazer 60"

    *'s = Non commercial Garden Tractors that survived thousands of hours of commercial use.

    Only time I'd double cut anything was if there was an abundance of clippings clumped up after first cut.

    Once I got my 2006 ver 1.0 XR-7 60", I had to double cut to get a clean crisp cut. I could no longer mow at or above 3.5" either. Only time I don't double cut is on 3+ acre lawns and during drought conditions.

    It's those drought conditions that I realize just how much time I waste double cutting!

    If I can get a deck to cut pooltable smooth like my old DC or Lazer, I'd be happier and richer! I could care less how long the clippings are, as long as there is no grass left behind!
  4. GMLC

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    Goldpro, if you have time and get a chance try to demo a Gravely 460. What I found was the X-factor deck is a nice in between. It cuts almost as good as a velocity in wet conditions with no clumping and almost as good as an exmark in dry with small clippings and carpet like finish. Its worth a try and would be great to get your opinion.
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  5. RSK Property Maintenance

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    i see. i'm the same way, i go over a lawn two or three times if its necessary to make it look perfect. usually 2 cuts will make it look perfect, sometimes 1 cut is all thats required especially for Kentucky blue grass....
  6. caseysmowing

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    Far as the tanks blocking the deck. Wish they didn't but not that big of a deal I don't trim around stuff too much with the cheetah and if I do I can lean foward a little. I'm 5,7. Also I use G6 gators and it doesn't leave that big of clipping that GP mentioned.
  7. GMLC

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    No double cutting here. I feel my properties look great. Only decks I have used in 15 years that allow me to do this are the velocity and x-factor. I also had an exmark walkbehind in late 90's that cut great but cant remember what deck it had? Tri-vantage or something? Maybe.
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    Hey, I own a 6215 mowin' machine. Don't bring it into this.
  9. mtmower

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    TLS, this is the same thing I was thinking. Even my old standard SZ deck did better than my XR7. I think there are a lot of similarities from the Velocity and XR7 when it comes to high volume at higher speeds but not chopping up the clippings and making them disappear. My XR7 cuts clean with very little clumping ever but the carpet of clippings it leaves costs me time and money. I think my new X Factor deck probably runs closer to a Utracut with a better discharge. The Ultra may have a cleaner cut in certain grass types.
  10. puppypaws

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    What you have here is the reason people prefer certain decks in different parts of the country.

    The Exmark Ultra Cut is designed for further processing of grass as it moves through the deck. The further processing allows grass clippings of a much smaller size to be discharged, which in return helps the clippings disappear by filtering into the standing grass. You will also find that because the Ultra Cut has stronger suction it will require more scraping to keep the underside clean where moisture is involved.

    The Scag Velocity Plus deck is designed to handle large amounts of grass; but to process it in a faster manner, which in return causes the grass to be discharged in a larger size. The larger size clippings have a tendency to lay on top not filtering into the cut grass, as does the clippings of the Ultra Cut.

    The advantage of the Ultra Cut is enabling the grass clippings to disappear more easily, which in return leaves a more manicured look.

    The disadvantage of the Ultra Cut is more scraping to keep the deck functioning as designed.

    The advantage of the Velocity Plus is its ability to cut grass and weeds of any size at a high rate of speed. The decks free-flow design allows it to handle moisture laden grass without requiring the under-deck cleaning needed by the Ultra Cut.

    There is no deck that performs better than the Ultra Cut for a manicured look in plush grass, the same as, there is no better deck than the Velocity Plus for performing in all other conditions.

    There is a place for both decks, and there are large numbers of both decks sold throughout the country proving this point.

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