Demoed a Ferris IS3100Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JTLarson, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Here we go again. After all of my other demoes I finally took the opportunity to demo a Ferris. It was a 3100 with a 61" deck and the 32 hp Briggs Vanguard. The machine had just over 5 hrs on it when I got it and I am returning it with 13 hrs.

    I am totally amazed with this mower!! Wow!! After all of the mowers I have been on, I like this one the best. After hurting my back a few years ago and the rough areas I mow, this mower is definately the answer. When I first stepped onto the mower I thought to myself, "this is a joke". The suspension didn't move when I mounted the mower and the seat felt stiff with only forward and backward adjustment. The deck raise/lower pedal was not at a good position to "float" the deck without hitting my knee on the controls. And then it was all uphill from there.

    I was mowing across ground that was pretty rough from it being so dry anyway, and then across all of the ruts and ripples from the farmers thinking the yard was a driveway. The ride was unbelievable!! It smoothed out the ride beyond my belief. I found myself going full stick at times and not realizing it due to the smooth ride.

    The power of the Briggs was good. The hydros were super smooth. Everything about the mower seemed to click. I took it on some of the steeper banks that I mow and it held them perfectly. In and out of ditches it was smooth. I even took it over some sewer laterals that I have to float the deck over on the Hustler or Scag and it went over them without having to float the deck and without scalping. I thought it held hills better and backed up some banks I didn't think it would. It also held tight coming around the corner of a building on an off camber and didn't drag the wheel like the others.

    The cut seemed to be pretty good, but it is really dry and hard to tell. From what I could tell I think it will do good. It discharged nicely and seemed to leave a nice even cut. The grass was not green enough to tell if the stripe kit made a difference or not.

    I am sure this will be my next mower. I am now a believer.
  2. williams lcm

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    I have a Michigan seat on my ztr and I still have to slow down and its still a bumpy ride. My next ztr will be a Ferris. It looks amazing . I would love to come home with my kidneys in good shape.
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    We love ours hope to get 4 more for next year
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    I have heard a lot of good things about the icd deck and that was from my scag dealer!
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    Check out my thread

    I believe Ferris has the best mower out right now. I wish i had bought a 32HP but none of my dealers had one. I been told there is little difference in power though but i'm happy with the 30 HP. Anyone have some good specs on the two engines?

    I recommend Ferris all the way. Once Snapper Pro get the 48 ICD's on their walks watch out.

    Oh and for the Ferris guys on here, i tested the deck pitched & level and i found that a level deck does cut better. I know there was some ? on here about pitching ICD's deck. There was noticeably more stragglers when the deck was pitched.
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    You are correct, the ICD decks requires you to be level front to back, however, the older design deck requires you to adjust for 1/4'' lower in the front for optimal cutting performance.


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