demoed a gravel 260 today. my thoughts are.................................


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The damn thing was pretty awesome!!!

I didn't actually get it as a demo, I had a friend buy one and it only had 7 hours on it. Used it for half the day today and in some spring time growth and some weedy yards. mower has the 26.5 efi koehler

I pretty much bleed orange (scag) and can honestly say I have never thought of making a switch since I have owned the velocity deck. today, will make me think hard though when the time comes to upgrade. it will probably come down to who can make it most worth my while on the fleet program.

My thoughts on the 260


THE 5400 HYDROS have got to be the smoothest, quietest most responsive hydros ive ever tried in my life HANDS DOWN!! I SIMPLY LOVED that part of the machine and can honestly say, I missed the machine after I dropped it off because of this! I believe that I could have run it with two fingers on each hand. This was something ill have to say shined BIG time compared to my turf tiger. loved that the 5400 hydros had big cooling fans which my turf tiger doesnt. those controls are stiff on my turf tiger, and ive never cared for that. wish they were more like the controls on my tiger cats. you really have to use some grunt to move the arms forward on my turf tiger.

baffle was already out, owner said it was a thousand times better after baffle out which was a recommendation that I made to him from my reading about the baffles on this site. cut was nice. just as good as my scag although I didn't get to cut in the wet heavy dew this morning so that's still up in the air between velocity and xfactor in my lawns. it actually got dandilions much better than my scag so that was a plus.

It was fast. I have some heavily fertilized yards that your simply not going to be able to get rid of all the clippings covering the stripes on one pass. so after my first initial cut (which was carpet smooth, no stragglers) I picked the deck up two notches and striped the other direction FULL THROTTLE WIDE OPEN and it flat out was fast and cleaned the yard up quick! much faster than my turf tiger. I can say though, I couldn't run that mower wide open and have a back in 5 years so if I do buy one in the future it will be the 460 for sure.

Ride quality was so so, but honestly id say it has a lot to do with the air pressures that were in the tires. I didn't check them with a gauge but there was to much for my liking just by sticking my heal into the sidewall so id say with a little tweeking it would be much nicer. like I said 460 is what I would be getting anyways.

This one I cannot explain but is another thing I LOVED about the mower. Somehow, some way, this mower has the easiest ability to turn around in a fast motion and NOT leave scuffs??? My scags weather it be tiger cats or turf tiger I REALLY have to watch what im doing as to not scuff up the lawns. The gravely didn't need a k style turn, it would just spin around and not leave any marks. GOOD DEAL!!!!!

I also loved the pull pin for adjusting the deck. no pulling a clip then the pin. im always dropping that damn clip!!! the gravely pin was nice with that ball bearing catch.

Headlights on the mower??? it was day time so I have no idea if they work or not for mowing after dark but ya know what, I live in the country and wouldn't think twice about mowing after dark at my place in the hot ass summer days so if they work well, big plus!!


dash panel controls......... well I can tell ya that the location of the fuel switch from tank to tank location was ridiculous (but didn't I read they moved it to dash panel on the newest 260?). I know this is only because im used to scag but I kept reaching to my left for the key and pto button. that's just something youd have to get used to if your a guy coming from a mower with controls on your left.

I hated where the parking break was located. scraped my knuckles several times pulling it up and putting it down today.

Striping.................. im not gonna say it did a bad job, but its no scag with velocity deck I can tell you that. I knew this going into it though because I have another guy around town that has a gravely 460. his yards always look carpet smooth but I have never been impressed with stripes. THIS will be my main reasoning for having a hard time making the switch!!! Im a striping freak.

Foot pedal was terribly hard to push down in my opinion although my muscle head employee today said he didn't even notice it. If im not mistaken I think I read somewhere that this was taken care of also on the latest 260??.

over all I think gravely did a hell of a job on this mower. Ive always had it in my head that gravely was homeowner equipment. DEFINETELY will not say that anymore!!!! that mower was built to last! I was impressed with the build quality!!!

A little general info and something that I still cannot figure out. My scag has the koehler 26.5 efi HORIZONTAL shaft engine (belt runs on the back of the motor) and has seemed underpowered pretty badly since ive bought it especially from a take off...... Then I run the gravely today with VERTICAL shaft koeler 26.5 efi (belts run off bottom of engine) and it seems to have much more power??????. What I cannot understand is, the gravely seemed like it had MUCH more power than my horizontal engine?? not sure why??? I would think since the 5400 hydros are so big and mower much faster than my turf tiger. then it should have strained even more than my engine on my scag???? (id like input on this if anyone has any thoughts?).

Keep in mind, I have NO IDEA if this is the xfII deck or xf1. I do believe this is a 2014 unit though. he got it this year but think its a left over unit. cant be 100% though.

there it is folks, if I remember something I forgot ill add it!


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Yeah the smooth controls on the Gravely are awesome, I had to use an Exmark/Toro loaner for a week or two and didn't realize just how much smoother it was until I got mine back.

As you stated, the ride is far smoother than on the 460, I've run 260s and don't think I could go back.

I think they did change the 260 to be more like the 460 with their latest version, but the pedal on mine is way easy to use, I could float the deck all day if I need to.

Only other thing you mentioned that is different on the 460 is instead of a pin style deck adjust there is a wheel you rotate, I love it compared to the pins, but if you are changing more than 1" it can be a tad annoying to have to spin it.

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