Demoed a Ground Logic XC on Tues, I have some questions...

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ijustwantausername, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Ijustwantausername

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    After that demo all I could say was wow, why on earth am I still pushing a spreader and pulling hose? The salesman was a class act and a very nice guy. I would imagine that they would take care of you should anything ever go wrong with their stuff.

    So I do have some questions about some things:

    1. The spray pattern just didn't seem to have good enough coverage on speed 1. I ran over gravel and in the road and it seemed sparse in some areas. All I have to compare to that is my chemlawn gun at 2 GPM and I can tell you that after a few passes with that testing on asphalt you have soaked the area. Thoughts on this? Should I have increased pressure? I am used to large droplets, so the smaller low volume fines are throwing me off I guess.

    2. The spyker hopper threw fertilizer flawlessly. I believe I had some leftover 18-20-3 that I used. The pattern was even and perfect. I did wheel-to-wheel overlap, is that the correct way to use it on ride ons?

    3. The smaller 3 ft spray nozzle seemed to get better coverage than the 8 foot spray nozzle, which do you use if you want to apply fert and spray weed control? I am assuming the 8 foot spray pattern? Would you still do wheel-to-wheel overlap while spreading/spraying?

    4. I can see where the large 8ft spray patter would hit some ornamentals if you aren't careful, so if I need to spread and spray on a yard with lots of plants would I spray/spread separate to utilize the 3 ft sprayer?

    If you have this machine do you like it?
  2. Nunyabisnes

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    If you're wanting more volume look at a z Max with the upgraded pump. The best machine out there, hands down.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    OP I run the regular pathfinder...but let me advise straight up, get the spray bar for your machine. Much better coverage, and you can 'see' the pattern which allows you to hug right up next to edges, beds, etc.
    you do sacrifice about 1.5 feet of width with the bar, being the only drawback.
  4. jc1

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    Concrete and asphalt are poor indicators of spray pattern. The absorb the water quickly.
  5. ETM

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    I had the same thought process going on. Having been a 2gal per K to .25 per K will mess with your brain but it works. It took two months for me to trust it. That was three yrs ago. This current round I've had my rideon down twice so I have use my skid on about 80 yards, I sure don't miss it lol
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  6. lawn king

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    Next year will be my 40th year in lawn care, the ground logic pathfinder is one of the best best machines i have ever purchased! It seems expensive the day you buy it, but it pays for itself quickly & then you are a tall dog in short grass!
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  7. RigglePLC

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    What do you mean by "wheel-to-wheel overlap". For granular fertilizer, it sounds too tight to me. If you have an 8 foot swath pattern, and the machine is 3 feet wide, you have 5 feet left--that is 2.5 feet on each side. Your wheel tracks should be 5 feet apart.
    Surely, Ground Logic can spread as wide as a push spreader. Am I right?

    Yes, it takes time to get used to the visible droplets patter of a low-volume setup. Seems to work fine with other ride-on spreaders. The chemistry does the work--water is just the carrier.

    I agree, use the narrow band spray for work near flowers and shrubbery. It seems to me you would not use the narrow band spray nozzle while also using the fertilizer spreader. Apply fertilizer on a second trip.
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  8. Marine03112

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    Add some dawn dish detergent to your tanks. The soap refracts light and acts as a sticker
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  9. RigglePLC

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  10. kemco

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    Good info. I too am looking right now into buying a ride on. I've looked into permagreen, ground logic, z sprayer. All seem to have their pros and cons. What's the price point, roughly, on the ground logic xc if I may ask.

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