Demoed a Permagreen today.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Blink74, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Blink74

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    I demoed a Permagreen today and came away less than impressed. My biggest compaint is that the handling is not very intuitive. It took a good bit of muscle to make turns and the brake didn't work well. Also, Shifting into reverse was was a pain. I often found myself stopping to look down at the shift lever trying to back-out of a nook in the yard.

    To be fair it was a a used demo unit with about 200 hrs. on it. The hopper wouldn't stay open and the third hole adjuster was broken. Perhaps the unit would have been easier to operate if I didn't have to hold the hopper chute open? At any rate the fact that a unit with only 200 hrs on it and was in such bad shape is dissappointing.

    I was rather suprised. I expexted to fall in love with the PG based on what i've read and heard of it. Instead I returned it early and got on the phone with Andy at LT rich. I hope the Z-spays are a far better machine. I think I would continue to push and drag hoses before I spent 6k on a PG.

    What do you guys think of the Z-spray?
  2. rcreech

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    I hate it that you had a bad experience with the PG.

    I run a PG Mag everyday and love it! It is definitly worth the 6K to me considering I had 6 acres done before lunch today (and even got a late start this morning). does depend on how you take care or your equipment. My machine has well over 200 hours and looks very good and runs like a new one. However I have seen machines with much less hours then mine that look like they were abused and not taken care of.

    I spend about 8-10 hours on my PG everyday and don't have any complaints.

    Good Luck!
  3. gregory

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    i drove a pg before i got my z-spray jr go look at the z-spray to me its a better built machine cost more $
  4. teeca

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    take a look at the PG ultra (used mechine) i bought mine used put about $1200 in it and have never been happier. my only problem with the hopper (other then it's a POS lesco designe) is that it falls open when i'm driving down the road and drops the fert out, but i eaither leave it empty, or lower the handle bar, that takes care of that. i put a new pump, carb, spinner plate w/ gear box, battery, air filter, oil change, repaired some wires, new belt, and a new off switch on mine and it's great. like anything else it takes alittle money every year to keep it going. for the price, i don't think you can beat it. i do 4k to 1.8M k with mine, 5 apps per year and clean it everynight with a hose and water. on the bigger properties i wish i had the z-spray max, but, all in all i like the way the PG takes the hills. NOT bashing the z-spray at all, and yes i'd take it in a minute, but i wouldn't trade my PG for it, but use them both to there max potential.
  5. indyturf

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    I use a PG every day too! wouldn't want to be without it. I have a Magnum that I bought new in 05 it has about 500 hrs on it, sure I have had to make a few repairs over the last 3 seasons but nothing I couldn't fix myself. I also have a PG centri with 200 hrs that I picked up used this summer. I wont tell you how much I paid but I got such a good deal I "almost" feel guilty. and I have been using it the last couple weeks a its great! I think the Centri is the simplest design of the PG models, and becoming my favorite!
    The Zspray has its place, and I have one of those too! but the PG is great on lawns up to 1 ac. and being able to use the pg carrier to haul it around is a big plus! no way I would ever go back to dragging hoses and pushing a spreader!
  6. 31bro

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    Once you get on a z spray you will realize you don't want anything else. The extra money is worth it.
  7. RigglePLC

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    Turning articulated equipment takes a little practice. You cannot muscle it around the turn--you just apply steady turning force, then it is easy. Turning a corner in reverse is a little more difficult. Also, once you get some experience--you will probably want to use the spiral pattern (the square corkscrew). All turns are 90 not 180 degrees--you can do them with one hand.

    True, I am using a motorcucle battery and I have had to fix wires and a few things on my Ultra. Now have approx 800 hours and i am satisfied. Never wash it.

    Referring to the Magnum--however--scroll down and take a look at people who have had problems with fertilizer eating through the corrosion-prone aluminum Honda motor crankcase. Be sure this problem is corrected before you purchase.
  8. rcreech

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    I always wash my Mag and then blow it off and spray down with WD40.

    It doesn't matter what you will always have rust and corrosion when working with fert.

    I keep my maching clean and looking good not only to take care of it, but so my machine looks good when I am on the road and so my customers know I take care of my stuff!
  9. Blink74

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    I talked to Lesco again today and he is going to repair the demo or get me in a new one to try. I'm partial to the PG because Lesco is walking distance from my shop and LT rich has no local support here, plus, the PG is $1500 less.
  10. rcreech

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    Not to mention much easier to transport. I haul mine on a Reese carrier and it is a very compact setup and very professional looking.

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