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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Willofalltrades, Jan 18, 2007.

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    Have you ever studied the demographics of the county you are mainly cutting in? Very interesting... Heres what I found:

    Geauga County has a population of about 90,000 people and out of the 88 counties in Ohio, is the 13th fastest growing. In the most recent survey (in 2002) the per capita personal income is about $38,000.
    The figures for Summit County vary significantly even though Summit County and Geauga County are neighbors. The population for Summit County is about 547,000 people. In comparison with the other counties in Ohio, it is the 46th fastest growing. The per capita personal income is about $31,000.

    I am mainly marketing to the Northern part of Summit county, yet they aren't even in the same leaque as the county I live in (geauga). Should I reposition where I market?

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    I'm curious as to why you don't market to the county you live in? Because of demographics?? Why not go to both counties?

    My county (Loudoun Co. VA) is one of the fastest growing in the entire country, as are one or 2 other counties in this area. And the adjacent county (Fairfax) has a population of around 1 million with an average household income of near $100,000. Still you find customers that claim to be broke...:laugh:
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    Willofalltrades, if you took the demographics of Hudson, west Akron and Fairlawn and compared them to the southern part of Summit County or the rest of the City of Akron (Firestone, Lakemore, etc.), you will see a huge difference. The city of Akron has a big population, smaller per capita income, while the northern suburbs by comparison have much higher incomes. much lower population. You are hitting the right areas.
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    I am really big into demographics. I study everything like that. I set up alot of tables in excell. I like to look at the median household incomes.

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    What are some of the websites that you guys use to pull the demographics? I am just starting to look deeper into the business and would like to pull the demos of my area.
  6. Willofalltrades

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    Sorry bud I had someone look them up for me I don't know what they used. Do a google search for your county name that should turn something up.

    Good point... I'm not talking to a competitor am I? lol I don't care really.

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