Demoing a 335 grasshopper tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Yes, a 35 horsepower Briggs Big Block on a 61" mower with a 3 bag catcher. It's a BEAST to say the least.

    I just picked it up tonight at 5:45, once I got it back home I removed the ROPs and the front weights and traded out the "medium lift" blades for a set of high lifts I had sharpened and ready to go. Also had to put air in all 4 tires. I think they let the air OUT on demo machines to make the ride super "cushy" to impress people. I'm not impressed... Aired them to the proper PSI. Now it's ready to MOW.

    I cut my back yard, but it was just cut on sunday. The 35 hp motor dosn't even know the blades and blower is running, and even driving full out dosn't bog the motor. This thing WILL do a wheelie, the 16CC pumps are FAST and very responsive. What I found odd is that this machine dosn't take diviots when turning like my 227-61" does. I think the better responsiveness of the hydros keeps the wheels from going stationary.

    I'm not fond of the extra LENGTH of this machine versus my 227. The frame is 4 inches longer, no big deal, but the catcher has to sit in the END HOLES versus the front holes like on my 227. Having the catcher another 5 or 6 inches back there is NOT pleasent. The biggie is that I can't reach back and feel the #1 bag to see if it's getting full of not. I can't even get CLOSE to it. This is a big deal breaker for me... I don't want a mower I have to get off to look in the hopper, or run till it pluggs up. It's also back there so far I'm a lot more likely to hit it on things, it's out of the comfort zone, if you will. It also sits higher (the catcher top), meaning it's going to be harder to clear low limbs with it, and it will take more of a beating, which wears the fabric fast.

    The other noticible thing was the HEAT. THe 35hp big block throws some heat and even with the cool temps, and in the evening, in a few minutes time I could feel substansial heat on the back of my neck. I don't notice engine heat off my 227 unless a little breeze is to my back pushing it towards me. This one seemed to be heating my neck no matter which way I was going and how fast I was running.

    I will give a better report tomorrow. I have this machine for a couple days at least. My 227 has a bad hydro pump (just starting acting up today), and since I had scheduled this demo for tomorrow they are just letting me hang onto the 335 until my 227 is fixed. I still want to demo a 325D before I make a decision as to what model I'm going to upgrade too.
  2. Jason Rose

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    Ok, no responces...

    Well, I had the 335 for a whole 2 days, I'm very impressed overall. Granted it's overkill for 90% of the time. When you need the power for tall wet grass it hardly even works.

    - Love the 16CC pumps on the 300 series, much better responce to them.
    - The extra power kept the chute/blower from clogging.
    - Fuel consumption was unable to be recorded. Evidently the pick-up line in the tank was not drawing from the bottom of the tank, ran out of fuel in 3.2 hours, thought it had gone through the whole 10 gallons but it only took 6 or so to refill the tank...
    - Heat was not an issue, don't know why I was feeling the heat on my neck the first night, never had the problem again.
    - NOISE was an issue. The 35hp big block, combined with the deck and the blower is LOUD, much more so than my 227. Even with the same earplugs I wear every day my ears were hurting while running the 335.

    I have my 227 back now. You would not believe how well Grasshopper took care of me on this machine. They warrantied things I'd never imigine they would have, plus letting me use a demo mower for 2 days, putting 7 hours on it.

    Oh, the the big "I can't tell you about the suspension seat, it's a secret". It's a Grammar seat. Same one I sat on the other day, it was on a frontmount. Nice, but not $900 nice... Not for black vinal. I'll take the $300 suspension under the cordura seat thank you.

    I guess that's all for now. I've been talking to the factory rep every time I'm at the dealer, he's there picking up or droping off demo machines every time. Giving my 2 cents about everything I can, positive and negative. Hope to demo a 325D soon. They won't let me yet. The demo unit dosn't have enough hours on it yet, they want to get it up to 40 hours or so, when the power really is maximized with the diesel engine, before I demo it.
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    You'll like the 325D. once you go diesel, you'll never go back!

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