Demoing a lot of new mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dozerdogue, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. dozerdogue

    dozerdogue LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    I have begun looking for another ZTR for my lawn business and am looking mainly at the diesels because I like them. I presently have exmark 48" WB and an Everride warrior 60" ZTR both of which I might add are very good units.

    So far I have demoed the Kubota zd28 60", Exmark lazer xs w/31hp vanguard engine, and ferris IS4500 w/28hp cat 60". I would really like to demo the john deere 997 with 31hp yanmar but no one has one available. So far the exmark has proved to be the best plenty of power best clipping dispersal and awesome ride. If anyone has demoed any other diesels besides hustler I would like to here your thoughts. I used to have a hustler Super Z and it was the worst mower I personally have ever owned. I live in the north east where damp or wet cool grasses such as rye, blue, and fescue are my main grasses.
  2. TAZ

    TAZ LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ohio
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    Never used any deisels but the Exmark with the 31 is a mowing machine. My only complaint is the ride if you liked you can't go wrong with it.
  3. formula500

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    How do you like your everride? My dealer is considering bringing them in for the spring and was curious how you liked. My biggest thing is during the spring like you I need something to cut wet grass. But have heard that they leave pretty tall clippings behind because of the tunnel deck. Do you own a vac system for it and if so how does it work. I am also looking at ferris and scag but am interested in the everride. any info would be appreciated
  4. westwind

    westwind LawnSite Senior Member
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    We used a demo Everide last year, our only complaint was that it had trouble holding hills. We are going with Exmark this season. I also heard that Everide had trouble moving units last year so they are dropping prices heavy. Our local dealer is discontinuing them, due to lack of sales.
  5. davidcalhoun

    davidcalhoun LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Grasshopper. They have a long history with using the Kubota diesel.
  6. dozerdogue

    dozerdogue LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    I ended up purchasing a grasshopper 428D and couldn't be more happy. This thing is a beast.

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