demolition saws for pavers

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    Any of you guys use the demo saws for cutting pavers ?? I Was told they are great when you have straight runs to do ? I tried one but did not have luck with straight cuts, just used a fibre blade though ? that may be why ? Any suggestions for using this type of saw to cut pavers... Thanks
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  3. PAPS

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    Look at the Stihl TS400's or 760's

    Look at Partner 650 and up to 1250's
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    Diamond blades will provide better results at a lower cost than fibre blades. I like a 14" for straight cuts and the 12" works well for curved cuts. Outside curves are easier to cut than inside curves, get a feel for those first. Inside curves less than about 5' radius need to be cut one brick at a time.

    Make sure you are dressed like Darth Vader for this job, hearing and eye protection and a HEPA respirator.

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    Thanks Paul for the link.. that was alot of the info I needed.. Didnt think to search under paver cutting , Duh... Just searched under saws...

    Yeah .. the Stihl was what the dealer recomended the TS 400.. Said they are better made and set up , also felt a better balance with the stihl over the Partner.. I think the stihl was cheaper too.. yeah by like $200.

    Blades.... I tried the fibre cause I was afraid to mess up the diamond ones since I havent used one befoer, Figured it was a cheaper mistake to mess up a $10. blade than a $300. one... But the cuts did not come out that clean with the fibre ? ''

    How many pavers do you think I can cut with a fibre blade before it needs to be replaced, I saw somewhere like a dozen , Hope that s not true ?
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    We use diamond blades, the pay back is on blades vs time changing out fiber. Try Ebay for a cheap test blade if you never have used one. We like Partner saws, air cleaner is out of the dust stream, and it's a shorter saw with better balance. Ours are 650 actives.
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    We've got both and prefer the Partner, for the reason Paul mentions, and the vibration is significantly reduced.

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    I looked at the Partner 650 and I think the 950 ? and the Stihl TS 350 and 400.... I thought the Stihl felt like it was better balanced ?? But either way they are both like 20 Lbs, so it will take some practice to handle them effectivly.... Some one had mentioned , I think in the other thread that Paul posted , that they just let the weight of the saw do the work, Does that mean that you basically guide the saw to make the cut and just steady it and let all the weight rest on the pavers being cut ??

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    PS... I looked at the blades on ebay , and was a little afraid to try one.. They seem way tooooo cheap compared to what they get at the dealers.. Dont know if there is just that much of a markup or this things are junk ??? Dont want to have diamond segments flying in the breeze at me or anybody else... Anybody use one of those ebay blades ???
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    Steveair uses them. With a hand saw guiding the saw thru the cut not pushing down hard, I teach my guys to score the cut first with the saw then finish the cut you get much smoother cuts this way.

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