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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Bonuts, May 14, 2002.

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    I'm a homeowner checking out a Metro 36 for my half-acre with gates. It looked good on the showroom floor, so I asked my dealer to arrange a demo. He got in touch with the distributor and set one up, but later learned they only have a hydro 36" to demo, or a 48" with belts.

    Is that right? :confused: How do I get a demo of what I'm thinking of buying??? That's a lot of money to lay down without even being able to make sure it will work for my situation.
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    This is not really uncommon. The distributor covers a great deal of territory and may represent Exmark as well as several other brands of mowers, snow blowers, trimmers etc.

    In the Exmark line up alone there are no less than 62 different models varying in cutting widths, controls, engine options, as well as things like electric start vs. recoil start. It would not be financially possibly to supply each model as a demo unit. There are however advantages to this to the consumer. Yours is the best case scenario. Your looking at a belt drive 36" to purchase. Someone may have told you that a hydro is better, easier, more reliable etc. but it may not be what you really need, want or can afford. The 48" on the other hand trims better and is easier to operate than a 36" unit. In my case if I had a half-acre property that was heavily landscaped, had a number of trees, buildings or fences I'd get a 48". The 36" is a great machine but it may or may not be the best machine for your property. Try the 36" hydro out at the dealership and then demo the 48" belt drive. You may find that the increased trimming capabilities and decreased mowing time of the 48" can justify the widening of a couple of gates. The again you may find because of some hills or berms the hydro is the way to go. In either case take a serious look at the ECS controls if youÂ’re going with the narrower deck.


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    Thanks for the very prompt response. I'll take your advice for the demo. If I'm not being to much of a pest, maybe I'll demo both!

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