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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Turf Dancer, May 21, 2003.

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    I can't get a demo for an Exmark mower on my properties but I can get another dealer to bring up Ferris mowers from the same city! He also said he would have the Toro Rep meet us here also ! Your closest dealer to me is 75 miles away but hey they are way high and said no to a demo ! They said I could maybe drive one around in the lot ! Then again they are a full line John Deere Implement company and they push Walker really hard ! So they don't care. The next dealer I talk to is more promising but also he is 225 miles away ! ( same area as the company who sells Ferris, Toro, G D, Bobcat, Cub Cadet) This dealer is one of your so called Pro Certified Dealers. His prices are better but he has no interest in a demo here ! He says find what you want and then call me ! According to the guys on Lawnsite the 52" deck sounded like what I was after! He says not in the Lazer Z HP , He says it is a terrible bagging machine. I am beginning to get some of the larger properties and so I thought well a 32" or 36" walk behind along with a 60" ZTR with bagging system would be just right. He says the Liquid cooled 60" Kawasaki 27 HP is not worth the money ! What gives ? I am going to spend around $9500 to $10000 on a mower and nobody wants to demo an Exmark ? I can't get a Demo on a Walk Behind either ! Why would another company be willing to do a second demo 210 miles away when their oputside rep could stay in the big city and sell 7 to 10 times what he will sell me in the 2 days he would be on the road and here ?

    Also 1 other question Why no Kawasaki Engines on the Lazer Z ?
    All Kohler !

    Is there an Exmark dealer anywhere near that would be willing to do a demo ? I need a Walkbehind in a couple months ! I will need the ZTR in late summer but my have to hold off until Feb to buy!

    I was really in Exmark mode but after the dealers have dropped me on my head I am really upset with Exmark! I guess I will have to buy what I can try first !
    I guess It will be Great Dane, Ferris, Toro, Cub Cadet, Scag or Bob Cat! I hate to sound like I am upset but I am ! I realize that I am a little off the beaten path but hey I am willing to spend teh money ! I even offered to pay something for a demo and still nothing !

    I had it narrowed down to two ZTR's both of which have forums on here and the Other is a Yellow Machine and starts with a letter other than G Same story as Exmark !
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    Turf Dancer,

    Send me an e-mail to and I'll see what I can do about getting you a demo.

    If you would like a Kawasaki engine on a Lazer Z the 27 Liquid cooled has been an excellent engine for us. We did offer the air cooled Kawi on the full size Lazer for a period of time. The machine performed well it just didn't sell very well. The volume became so low with that engine that we could no longer justify its existence.

    Like I said. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do about a demo.


  3. Turf Dancer

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    Thanks for your responce I will send you an email with the details of this entire mess! I just wonder why dealers will bash certain products that you promote through your yearly catalog! I sned for info and Exmark sends me the newest brouchure then I call the dealers and they tell me we don't sell that machine because it is not as good as this machine ! We don't like that machine! That is overkill ! That engine has too many problems ! I think my favorite was when the dealer told me that the Exmarks were junk and that I should by a John Deere! I have been told that this dealer is dropping Exmark the end of the year ! Problem being who will take over Exmark for that area ? I also had one of these two dealers tell me that the 52" deck on the Lazer Z HP doesn't bag good at all ! What is the deal with your dealers in the NW ? I have spent the last year or so on here and I get in Exmark mode and besides the Demo problems I get an Idea what I want and then call the dealers and they say no you don't want that machine ! Or you don't need that machine! Or that engine is over rated !

    I have another question or two while I still have interest in exmark products !

    How big of difference is there in fuel economy with the Kawasaki Liquid Cooled Engine vs. the Kohler 27 air cooled engine ?

    Is the 27 Liquid cooled Kawasaki much quieter that the 27 air cooled kohler ?

    Is the Diesel 27 going to vary much in noise and fuel economy?
    Price ?

    What would be a fair price on the 60" Liquid cooled 27 Kawasaki ?

    Price on 36" TTHP ?

    I can't get strait anwsers from the dealers so I am asking you !

    Also is the fixed deck Toro walkbehind 36" mcuh different than the Viking ?
  4. eXmark

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    Turf Dancer,

    Sorry for the delay. I responded once but it looks like my post was lost somewhere between here and there, where ever there is.

    First the 27 Kawi and the 27 Kohler are both thirsty. It takes fuel to build power in a carburated engine and both will use more fuel than say a 23 or 25 hp engine. If you really want fuel economy and power in a gasoline engine the 28 EFI is the ticket.

    The Kawi is going to be quieter than the Kohler is.

    The diesel is extremely quiet for a diesel. If it's not the quietest diesel I've ever heard run I couldn't tell you what is. Noise really isn't much of an issue with this engine.

    The 27 Kawi liquid cooled 60" Lazer lists for around $9999 and the TThp 36" lists for around $4899.

    The big difference between the Toro fixed deck model and the Exmark fixed deck is ECS controls, which are a major difference. You only need to run the ECS once to see how important controls can be.


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    Hey Turf Dancer,

    Sounds like you need to move! Perhaps about 3000 miles? LOL... I had no trouble having my dealer, NE of Atlanta, demo two machines for me and I had only one customer at the time, and told him so! They also carry Scag and bad mouthed, neither line at any time. They are ready to demo a 36 inch TTHP whenever I'm ready.

    I have a LazerZ-HP, 44 inch, 17 HP Kawi with the ultra vac. Other than on a crazy steep hill, it has no trouble
    doing an and excellent job of bagging and I add 260 lbs to the package. Fantastic for spring and fall clean-ups and this year's very fast growning, well rained upon, spring grass!

    I'm very glad I got the 44 inch and nothing wider. Works great on the mid-sized lawns that are my target market. On the bigger lawns I just use some of that ground speed and a couple of extra rows to make up the diff.

    My Z is likely smaller than what you are considering but I couldn't resist dropping in my two cents!


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