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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by drapersmeadow, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. drapersmeadow

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    Starter is on a Toro Z355 w/ Kohler ch25 engine....was running fine and hit key and got a loud rapping sound from starter and will not turn over. Saw a post on these starters...that the solenoid get crudded up or starts to loose good contact to transfer voltage to starter motor and does not hold its plunger down long enough or hard enough to engage starter and flywheel teeth.....

    Took off statrer...cleaned up, fork seems to be OK, remounted and same the solenoid be replaced or is whole new starter better move??

    Thanks...the grass is up to my armpits!:confused:
  2. drapersmeadow

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    Sorry, was unclear on orig post......the mower was running fine last mowing and now will not start......:)
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    To answer your question, Yes the solenoid can be replaced alone.

    But, If you have the funds a new replacement Delco starter would be the ticket instead of spending money on that sorry Denso....
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    Is there any service that can be done to prolong the life of the solenoid? is it a dust issue or are they just prone to failure?
  6. tomo

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    hello, the nippon denso solenoid is of very poor quality ,which is typically not the case .I suspect it was a buy in from another supplier .
    U can attempt to use a spray cleaner up the side of the plunger to remove some dirt but eventually dirt will build up in side and u will have to replace it .
    The contacts are the smallest i have seen in a long time ,most certainly no where as big as automotive . Together with the alignment issues the nippon solenoid is a lemon .B4 u say it does not have to be as big as automotive the nippon str mtr during cranking draws the same amperage as an auto unit -----around 300 amps .
    The nippon unit is best suited to engines below 20hp

    One idea is to fit a remote mounted timed delay solenoid 4 the starter, it can be done any competent auto mechanic or auto electrician .[this gets around the very small contacts ]


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