Denying Work?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Nate@TLCS, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Nate@TLCS

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    Does anyone deny certain types of work? Maybe certain customers? I am looking into offering "small" landscaping services. I don't want big jobs and don't want to sub-contract. Should I "bid myself out of them" or just refuse tactfully and move on. seems like a lose lose.
  2. shane mapes

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    what i do if it is something that i can't do i tell the customer i can't but here is someone who can or i tell them i can do this amount but you need to find some one for the rest
  3. Doug1966

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    Nate - I wouldn't recommend bidding yourself out.
    1. know what your costs are
    2. know what your margins have to be
    3. focus on the services you plan on building your empire on
    4. know what the opportunity cost is of taking one job instead of another

    then bid according. if you bid yourself out you'll earn the repuation for being more expenseive than you really are. you are always marketing yourself and always telling the world who you are. don't confuse them.
  4. landscaper22

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    I have asked that question of others too, and never really have gotten a great answer. Some will say it sounds unprofessional to turn business away. It is like if you choose a certain career, then you should be prepared to service what ever comes your way as long as they accept your bid. I don't agree with that. I know even the largest LCO in my area turns down work for various reasons. I have priced myself out on some jobs, but I feel it is better to just tell them I am not able to take any other work at the present time. I do it a lot. Some people that know me or live in my neighborhood think that when they have extra work they don't want to do themselves, or they can't service their property temporarily, that they can just call me and I will be right over, and do it for a cheap price. Some will get upset if I give them a high price. I look at it as....I had other things I wanted to do, and if I do a one time job and have to add you to my busy schedule, you are going to pay big $$$. They think I should do them a favor, and they really think they are doing me a favor by asking me. And I just dread when they call me. So, I just say....I would be glad too, but you know I am running behind already, and can't take on any extra jobs at this time...
    And I used to try that line about I may know someone else that is interested. But, I dont' say that any more either. Because then I have track down the other person, and then put them in touch with the customer, and then if the other landscaper don't call you back, you have to deal with calling the customer back, and so on....But, as a smaller operation I don't see a problem with turning business away. Unless you want to work 6 days every week 12 hours each day.

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