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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Jul 13, 2001.

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    If this is getting too off topic, moderators, feel free to move it.

    Anyway, jut put a deposit on a 1999 Dodge Dakota Sport regular cab, Magnum V8 auto (I think it's 5.2L?), 4x4, solar yellow!. All power options. Aftermarket exhaust (sounds great!), K&N air filter. Even already has a hitch, and a couple other little extra goodies. Looks brand new!
    Has 34K on it and getting it for $16 grand. A little more then I wanted to spend, but it had everything I was looking for.
    Gonna get extended warranty.

    Anyone have any comments on this model? I've heard several negative things about Dodge trannys in general, but nothing on this specific model. Actually read an article/review on a 4x4 e-zine that gave it good ratings. They towed a U-haul flatbed car trailer with a Jeep CJ on it for 1,200 miles through mountainous range and no problems.

    Opinions welcomed (as long as they're positive ones! LOL!).
  2. sorry to bust you bubble but any dodge tranny in less than a 3/4 ton are week
    even the ones that are in the 3/4 ton with the v10s are week

    most of us giving you advice on a truck was for the braking not towing

    I have a 1/2 ton dodge it will pull a 10,000lb trailer no problem but how long can you do it before the tranny goes

    safty safty safty you had better get trailer brakes on all axles if you plan to want to keep this truck for any length of time

    better make sure it has a aux. oil and tans fluid cooler in it

    just remember that jeep that was getting towed on the u-haul trailer can also tow the truck on the trailer but how safe is that

  3. gogetter

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    Keep in mind that my trailer is only a 5'x10' with a 36" exmark w.b. and a 21" trim mower on it.
    It think it's a total of about 1200lbs or so (trailer & equip.).
    Shouldn't be a problem.
    My concerns are more about the reliability of the truck itself. And about my specific truck and engine model, not Dodges in general.
    I've heard alot of the claims about the bad trannys, but after a few hours of searching Dodge Dakota related websites last night, I still haven't found anything negative about this specific year/model/motor.
    That's certainly not to say that I'm in the clear, just that it makes me feel a little better.
    But I am getting an extended warranty just incase.
    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.
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    Gogetter, I had a 97 Dakota w/318 auto 4x4 ext cab.
    pulled a 102" x 24ft tag . never ever had a tranny problem. A tranny rebuilder told me that its the same tranny the 3/4 ton has. But this is from 97 and newer. The others are right on braking. Also it was alittle squrrily at 70MPH. Not enough weight, the trailer would start pulling the truck around a bit

    IF you keep the gvw of the trailer under 3000 lbs. you will be fine.

    I'm runnig gvw of 16,000 lbs. now. So I had to trade up in trucks, but I miss the Dakota. It is probably the best all around truck I've ever had. It never failed me, and I thrashed quite well.
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    "sorry to bust you bubble but any dodge tranny in less than a 3/4 ton are week
    even the ones that are in the 3/4 ton with the v10s are week "

    V10 and diesel trucks share the same AT (47R*), 5.2 and 5.9 trucks whether 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton share the same tranny(46R*), some 5.2 (the WS series 1/2 ton) and some Dakota 5.2 trucks share the same one(42R*) and the 4.7L trucks have yet another tranny- then the vans have a bunch of different ones also (3 and 4 speeds) (*is either H or E depending on electronic or hydraulic control).

    FWIW my 95 2500HD with 46RH, if it was going to grenade it would have done so long ago, with the use and abuse its seen. But changing fluid annually and idling in N seems to have paid off (so far). The owners manual even warns against idling in P for longer than a minute or two.
  6. so thelawnguy
    that means between my 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton(360), and 3/4ton(v10)
    they are the same tranny

    not what the dealer said nor was I able to put my tranny from my 3/4 ton v10 in my 1/2 ton when the engine blew up (save that story for a different thread)

    but I know snow removal is vary hard on trannies
    towing can be hard at times

    i have 1 out of 3 dodges that has had no tranny problems at all
    but as far as the tranny in the V10 you must plow in 4 low in order to have a tranny left in less than 12 hr of plowin in a 4" snow

    so OK you have a 5 x 10 traler and hauling about 1200lbs what is the gvw on the truck

    my half ton is 6400 and it weighs around 4200 that leaves
    that leaves 2200lbs theft for towing right!
    wrong 3 dealers told me my brakes can't handle any more than a 1000 lbs i go trough a set of pads every 3 or 4 months and the truck only get around a 1000 miles on it
    no its not the driver. the braking system was not desinged well or big enough to stop just the truck. the rotors and drums are soooooo small that trailer brakes pulling a 4200lb trailer doesn't even make a differance
    on the other hand my 3/4 ton, like today is pulling a 5700lb trailer with a 200gal spray tank (full) and I know I am over the trucks 8800GVW rating (oops after you add that up it's over the 12,000lb plates) and the 3/4 ton has no problem stoping that and the trailer brakes are not even hooked up

    i am not going to argue about trannies but i will argue about brakes

    I just want you to be safe driving down the road don't want you to get in a situation you can't stop in a emergency

    hey for what you are pulling you may be just fine. but think about the future are you going to get a bigger traile and more mowers?

    Hope you enjoy the truck LGF
  7. racerdave

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    Bill, the 47r has the same torque converter clutch problems as the others do when over worked. I do agree with you about braking, but I didn't have the pad replacement issues you brought up. I changed pads at 45000 miles and flushed fliud every 10000 miles. I would wear out the fluid from overheating it. Not because of the trailer, but as my screen name implies I tend to get a bit racy. When I use brakes , I use brakes:D
  8. thelawnguy

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    As originally posted, V10 and V8 trucks do not use the same tranny, yes the V10 tranny wont fit behind a V8. But a 1/2 ton with 5.9L engine uses the same trans as a 1 ton with 5.9L (gas).

    I too go thru front pads every 10k or so, even with upgraded rear wheel cylinders. But I understand the braking system is completely new on the 2001 trucks I wonder what kind of pad mileage folks will get from the dual piston caliper brakes???

    Lawngodfather are you the one w/the overheat problem with plowing snow? Did you remove the bypass valve in the cooler line as suggested?
  9. bubble boy

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    i've had overheating problems in a 1/2 ton

    what would removing the bypass valve do?:confused:
  10. thelawnguy

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    The newer trucks have a thermostatic controlled valve in the trans cooler line which prevents the fluid from circulating thru the trans cooler in extremely cold temps. If the valve malfunctions or becomes plugged the trans fluid will quickly overheat.

    A faulty fan clutch (or one with too high a temp setting) will also cause an overheat condition, engine and trans fluid. So will a faulty or plugged thermostat.

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