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    For the snow season I only want about 15-20 residentials to remove snow off of walks and driveway. I want a guarantee that theyll use me and also I want to purchase a better snow blower that will allow me to do less shoveling and be quicker as well. Has anyone tried signing up customers by putting down a deposit. I was going to charge the customers about 30 per visit. And there should be more than one snow fall this year, so I was going to have them put down a 50 dollar deposit. Has anyone tried this, and if so does it work?

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    I do deposits with new mowing clients, usually just the price of one cut. I look at it as a "good faith" gesture on their part. Surprisingly, no one has ever argued putting a deposit down. I would definitely do this for snow removal.

    I don't do snow myself. For the mowing, I credit their deposit toward their final bill of the season.

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