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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ChadsLawn, Apr 30, 2001.

  1. ChadsLawn

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    This has not been a very good year for me at all.Over this past winter i lost about 8 accounts(i dont have alot to begin with),Just today i lost a church which ive been mowing for 3 years,to someone who underbid me.
    Over the past 2 weeks i have passed out over 500 flyers and have yet to get a phone call from any.Today i dressed very professionaly and went door knocking.Guess how many i got.ZERO. Not even a bid.
    This is getting very depressing because I have alot of bills and im just barley getting buy.
    All advice is needed

    I do good work.I have a few pics posted on my web site.

  2. Charles

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    Man I lost a church over the winter too due to them being in financial distress. That really hurt the wallet. I did a post about saturation and this is probably what you are suffering from. Its just not a good time to start a lawncare biz in some areas of the country. I would advise find some other type of work and maybe keep this parttime for now. Dont waite til u get behind in the bills. The season is well underway in fla and here
  3. ChadsLawn

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    I have been in this business since 1995,Full time since 1998.
  4. dhicks

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    I have no idea about the competition where you live, but I think one of the Florida guys gave up the lawncare business a few weeks ago because of the same reasons, e.g., underbidding by the competition and too many LCOs in his area.

    I'd like to tell you to buck up and hang tough but that alone will not put beans and cornbread on the table. Perhaps it is time to expand your horizions and get a job with steady income until your lawncare co. begins to thrive.

    If you are doing quality LCO work your business will grow with time and patience. I'm sure most of the ones making money in this racket were not an overnight success but came with time.

    If you need money and LCO is not providing enough money you need to focus your energy elsewhere for the time being.

  5. Vintage

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    I have been in business about the same amount of time as you, and have fortunatly lost only a couple of customers over the winter. So I decided to hang some fliers this year to replace them and some other customers that I need to weed out.

    I put out about 300 fliers so far this past month and only had 1 call, I am assuming that the dry weather is holding them back and when the grass starts to grow I will get calls.
    Keep hanging fliers, you can never put out too many! The calls will come.

  6. iski3d

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    Encourage your accounts to tell their friends and neighbors about your business. I tell my people that for every job they bring me, I will give them a credit on their account in the amount of the new job. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Keep the faith.
  7. awm

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    there are some advantages to a part time job,
    i wont go into them but you might try a 20 hr
    or more evening job of some sort.
    thinking about it my self.
    one thing , if you dont have a lco job to do on a givin day. spend the work day digging up buisiness.
    lets face it its a make it or go under world.
    id rather know i didnt spend anytime brooding if i flop.
    and you wont if you dig enough.luck to you
  8. ron

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    Hey Lawn Man hang in there Buddy try doing other jobs for your customers other then lawn care expand your business work your knowledge and wisdom you will make it man trust in your knowledge........
  9. sheppard

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    Hey guy! Welcome to sales! Spent 10 years in direct sales. Here is some basic pointers and some resources to look at: get Tony Robbins work(s)- Unlimited Power. Another book I read last year(forgot the author) was Differentiate or Die. This was a great instruction on how to distinquish yourself from competitors. Sales (and getting customers) is much like fishing- if all the fishermen are in the same area the fish will not bite. Find a way to 'wiggle the worm' better.

  10. Finecut

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    You sound like you have time on your hands? If you put out 500 flyers and haven't gotten a need to put out lots more to get the needed results...WORK! There's a saying to the effect that even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again. The more flyers the better chance for work. It seems to me that lawn care is basicly a year round job in Florida...finding work and keeping yourself busy is also a year round job. Don't give up...keep putting out flyers!

    I saw you design your own flyers and you do have the ability to create a nice flyer. Perhaps, you need to look at other examples (do a search) i.e. the flyers that other people have designed and incorporate some of their ideas into your flyer. If you design several flyers you could try promoting specials (free aerating with one year contract)and keep track of which flyer works best for you. I know it's tough to give work away when you feel like your on the bottom of the heap...but remember everybody likes freebies. Good Luck and keep the faith!

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