Description of Raleigh st augustine?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by tungsten33, Mar 14, 2006.

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    More specifically, the color of stolon? I cannot find any info on that. I am trying to figure if it's really what I have because my neighbor has new St augustine grass lawn and told me that he has Releigh variety and it sure looks different than mine. I thought his was Palmetto at first??
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    Varietal differences in the species of Stenotaphrum secundatum (St Augustine) is not measured by stolon color.
    Issues such as moisture, fertility, sunlight, soil/air temperature, traffic, height of cut all enter into the plant's growth characteristics - of which color is one.
    The easist manner to determine if the two grasses are the same or different is to take leaf samples from each plant and compare them - an emoscope should provide all the magnification you need.
    If you are still unsure, then submit samples to the A&M pathology lab for further analysis.
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    Well I asked a specific question and you didn't give me one.

    Let's see...

    I know for a fact - Floratam has purple stolons. I asked the Turfamerica grass if they sent it to me by mistake and they said that they don't even grow Floratam. They insist that it's Releigh.

    My neighbor that's currently sodding front yard with st augustine. He said that it's Raleigh. Mine and his are very different. Mine had thick purple stolons and his was thinner green stolons (which is why i assumed it was Palmetto since I have that as well).

    Thus is why I'm asking for verification.

    If you had looked at my backyard, you would notice two difference variety of st augustine. Palmetto tend to stay low while "Raleigh" tend to be taller and more coarse bladed. Also two very different looking stolons from each. It is very obvious.

    I googled everywhere looking for detailed info of "Releigh" esp about stolon. I typed in purple stolons and all i get was Floratam.

    If it was Floratam, it would have been killed by 14* temp in Early December but that patch surived like it was nothing so I guess it's Raleigh.
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    tungsten33, hey if you could provide a pic that would be great, but I have a similar situation to your's in the fact that I have Raleigh in the backyard but in the front I found what seems to be floratam cause the stolons are purplish and there's a huge gap between the nodes(about 6in. or so).

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