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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by desert night light, Sep 3, 2006.

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    it's not everyday that desert night light himself goes on a service call anymore. But I gave the company the labor day weekend off so i dusted off my toolbox and headed out saturday morning to make some repairs to a 14 month old system installed by someone else. Beyond the gross voltage drop problems there were fixture problems as well. At first glance it appeared I was dealing with a unique MR-16 uplight. However when I removed the lens covers there was no lock and load socket that Unique has and it didn't say Unique on the ground stakes. I reckon I am dealing with a bootlegged fixture. Some of the covers fit so loosely that water had penetrated the fixture body and subsequently ruined the sockets and bulbs. The pathlights were cast brass and different or "generic" looking in nature that is i cannot ID the manufacturer to procure parts. The topof the mushroom is supported by a glass tube which is broken and needs replacement on a number of fixtures. the customer wants to repair not to replace since the system is only 14 months old. How does one go about repairing and procuring parts when there is no name on the fixture of the manufacturer? Where to get parts etc.?
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    You don' explain to the customer you can't do that. You have to replace the units. If they don't want to pay for that they will have to find someone else to do the repairs.
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    kinda simple answer for a pro like you, isn't it?
    explain that it is probably cheper to replace than to repair, and tell them about the fixtures being generic and explain that whoever installed then should warranty them.

    if they insist that YOU repair them, let them know you will have to contact the company who installed them to ask them what brand they are, and do they have any more...

    otherwise they need a name brand replacement so this does not happen again
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