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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by dudley, Dec 20, 2008.

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    The Ram is a 2003. I am either towing a 16ft landscape trailer with 2 ztrs and a walk behind or my dump trailer loaded with mulch, stone, brush etc. The trucks seems to get a stead 10mpg towing no matter what. Driving around town without a trailer Is when im getting 11-12. This truck pretty much does zero highway driving.... its unfortunate because I have seen it just to as much as 21MPG crusing on the highway.
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    You guys with your Dodges forget that a Cummins holds only 2 gallons of oil a 6.0 PSD holds almost 5 gallons of oil. For me to do a oil change on my truck its a easy 100 dollars. A pail of oil is 86 dollars the filter is 25 dollars.

    Sorry you flat landers that crap your pants over a 2 percent grade a gas pot to a diesel doesn't make much difference in 10-12 percent grades. You climb the hills at one speed.

    Man I laugh at you Dodge guys you are the biggest joke going all the same aka wannabe 18 wheelers :laugh:

    I love pushing the idiots in their Dodge Cummins thinking they have lots of power. Hell the rear axle in my F-450 has more weight carrying capacity of a 3/4 ton and the truck weighs more empty than a fully loaded 3/4 ton.

    I damn near pushed some of these guys into the ditch I love it. They blast by me thinking they have lots of power. Thats when I have some fun like riding their azz a little they can't get away finally they pull over they must not have ounce of brake linings left after I finish with them. Their truck damn near rolls over in the S bend curves and swearving all over the road.

    Get over it guys there is more Ford trucks on the road than Dodge can ever dream of. Wonder why Chrysler is going broke because nobody buys their crap. Mechanic shops in the area even hate working on Dodge trucks because they are so CHEAPLY made.

    Like I said you Dodge guys are funny all the same and I love arguing with them. Just think when Obama pulls the deal to Chrysler and all the dealerships close what are you going to do :drinkup:
  3. dudley

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    u better check that again dodge is 12quarts 03 and up thats 3 gallons and i dnt think ur stroke holds 20 quarts 5 gallons i think its like 15 or 16
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    No wonder the "6 o no" was such a piece of crap, moron owners like you are overfilling the engine by 5 qts.:hammerhead::laugh:

    You obviously have no knowledge as your comparing the the axle of a 2500 with that of a 4500, that's like comparing a leaf blower to a rake. As well as just pulling random oil capacities from thin air. And I'm not even going to acknowledge the rest of your post as it's based more on driving characteristics than performing capability.
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    back to the original question i guess. are you talking about a 3500 chevy cab and chasis or larger? i just sold a chevy 3500. awesome truck. took everything i could dish out and never broke down. it did have the duramax/allison combo. if you are going gas i think you would be fine as well. i don't believe they offer the 8.1 but it is a nice engine with plenty of pulling power. if you are talking about a larger truck and towing heavy i can't say enough good things about the 4500. again i have the duramax/allison. the way this truck pulls is amazing. i have the 5:13 rear end. in my opinion the GM 4500 and 5500 are in a class of their own. to find an older one with the 8.1 would be a good option for many. if you need a heavier 1 ton that may spend time as a daily driver you may be happier with the ford 450/550. all three of the big three are building good trucks these days. it would be whatever fits your needs best.
    good luck,
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    I do agree though dodge trucks do suck but pre epa crap. cummins were great engines. i have a dodge by the way and im not a wana be 18wheeler if thats what i wanted i would buy a f650 with a cat then i would be a wana be trucker! or find a f550 with a shelled 6.0. and put a 12 valve cummins and a allison auto that would be a truck.
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    Put a Amsoil by-pass filter on the 6.0 or any diesel or gasburner, and you will have zero oil changes for at least 70,000 miles so really your beating a dead horse on that with me.

    GM took the bulk of the 14 Billion Dodge took 4 billion. Ford is holding out to save face; which I would be doing too. All three will be back for more money in April, 2009. All we have done is "kicked the can down the road into spring"

    Where does all this come from? your angry:laugh: I enjoy a great even heated debate:laugh:, but chill out. some of those comments need to be directed to specific folks, not all of us roll like that. When you really run someone off the road, I think you might regret that.
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    no just a 6.0 chevy gas cab&chassis 4x4 3500 ext cab
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    Nope, the 8.1 is gone in the 3500s. Dumb move GM.:hammerhead:
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    less than 2K miles on our 6.4PSD crew cab long bed and im getting 18mpg highway. our silverado 6.0 gasser ext. cab short bed may get 13 highway if we are lucky. and thats unloaded, do you want to start comparing once they get a load behind them??

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