desiel or gas

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by dudley, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Wow i just noticed how the original poster spelled desiel...:hammerhead: Its diesel big guy.
  2. GravelyNut

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    Can't be a moron if I have fuel tickets to prove it. :p Empty to over 16K GCW it gets that on a regular basis. And those are scale weights. Used to get better (~14) till they started adding the ethanol to the gasoline. I ordered the truck with 4.10 gears in the rear knowing it would hurt the MPG empty but when loaded it wouldn't drop much in the hills. It pulls 2800 RPM in 4th gear at 65 MPH upgrade loaded. Right near where it hits peak torque.
  3. GravelyNut

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    I'd like to see that too. Friend of mine bought a 6.0 the same time I did and never got 20, even empty. Loaded, he gets the same as I do. His is SRW while mine is DRW. Ask people who have had or driven both and you'd find that the 6.0 and 8.1 both get the same MPG with equal loads. There are forums full of stories where people found this out. But the 8.1 isn't having to work itself as hard. It takes a certain amount of fuel to make a certain amount of HP, and with both vehicles having the same frontal area, you should get the same results if all else is equal.
  4. GravelyNut

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    Up the hill. Diesel should win the MPG unless you got one of the new ones that suck fuel due to all the EPA garbage. I'll let you know when I'm heading north again, which may be next month if we get a break in the weather.
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    I stand corrected. Thank you all! It is actually 16 MPG for a 6.0L 2500 2WD, 18 MPG for a 6.0L 1500 2WD (look it up on fuel economy). And all your info about bigger engines getting the same or more fuel economy seems very plausible. I heartily agree that older used trucks are the way to go. I personally would never buy new unless you have the cash in pocket for the entire purchase price.
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    That's because like yourself, he probably doesn't know how to drive trailered.
    Unless he drives trailered every day of the year and has done so for the past 10 or 20 years...
    But more likely he drives some Luxury cab fully rigged SUV with ALL the options,
    which is really a disguised Cadillac, and he likes to think it's a work truck.
    Since most people never drive trailered.
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    Haha, no bud, he has his CDL and a hazmat. Personal truck is a 2500hd gasser and work truck is the ford. Stop assuming things because you look like an idot when you do so. We've been haulin trailers for 10+ years, everything from a 12' open trailer, to 30ft enclosed, to deckover goosenecks.
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    Hey thanks for the spell check.I dont care what they say ur a good guy.
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    haha:laugh:. true, true. one of my friends just got the 6.7 and i dont think he will ever get over 14mpg towing or not. but he does like the exhaust brake when haulin his horse trailer. ive driven the thing a couple of times it seamed to have plenty of power to me.
  10. ryry278

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    Well like i said earlier my diesel sucks at gas but so much power especiall set on the crazy larry setting 250 extra HP brings u into the seat when you take off. Anyways just make your biodiesel thats what i am doing i knew i would not get excellent mpg but i wanted to get more power and also be able to make my fuel for almost nothing so the mpg could mean less to me

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