desiel trucks vs. gas trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by sirsweatsalot, Dec 4, 2002.

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    just wondering who here runs desiel and who runs gas and the reasons for doing so.
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    If i remember correctly, Brickman runs a Dodge gasser:confused: :D :D
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    I could not stop laughing either the first few times i saw it.

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  6. Back to the subject gas is cheaper up from but in the long it pays to get a diesel.They last longer less maintainence and they have a much longer life.
    Milage is much better on a diesel.The duramax we have for work gets better mileage even when pulling a load then our big block gassers get empty.
    My dad gets over 20 mile to a gallon hauling a huge *** boat around all over the place.
  7. Dennis E.

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    Ford PSD...2K F-350.
    MPG's with mine vs. the F-150 I had with the 4.6 Triton is like night and day. Towing with the 150,lucky to see 8-10 per. gal.
    With the PSD towing or not the mpg. checks have been between 17.4 and the best @ 18.64.
    Maintenance is an issue with diesels but it's not too tough.(i.e.-fuel filter,keeping the air filter clean,cavitation additive in the cooling system,etc.)

    Insurance for me is about the same. Commercial coverage was almost the same on the 150. Fuel costs are less over a years time.

    Weight is an issue for me also. I wanted a heavier truck. The one ton does the job and then some.

    I'll take the diesel over a gasser anytime.
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    Diesel...because they sound cool and I can afFORD them


    Best dog I ever had was a Rottie....:cry:

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