desiel trucks vs. gas trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by sirsweatsalot, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. gslam88

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    Gravet Rat,

    An interesting rummor that you may like about cummings,

    Are you aware that DamilerChrysler might be getting rid of the cummings engine in the p/u as they have bought Detroit.

    I was looking for the article, but can not find it right now.

    detroit's web site

    It said something to the effect that the rummor puts the detroit in the med duty trucks and the freightliners in the heavy duty, I am not sure if they only mean the larger commerical trucks, or will it extent down to cummins ( who might still be owned by Ford or just have an interest in them)
  2. Gravel Rat

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    Ya I know that Dailmer owns Detroit diesel and Mercedes Benz so they want to start using both of these engine in their light and heavy duty trucks. They want to use a 6 cylinder Benz in the Dodge trucks which will be interesting from the spec's they sound all right. They are using Benz as a engine choice in the Frieghtliner trucks and supposidly they are turning out tobe a good engine. My concern would be getting parts for them being a Forieng made engine I guess if more of them get on the market parts will get better.

    I have heard that Ford has their fingers in Cummins but that rumor has been circulating around for awhile now Cummins denies it maybe just to keep things quiet.

    The Daimler Corporate is sort of run by a bunch of people that don't have a clue on what they are doing. What really pizzed me off is Ford sold their heavyduty truck line to Diamler that was the worst mistake ever then Diamler bought Western Star trucks.

    We will have to see what happens I know Ford isn't gonna break ties with International to build engines for their trucks they are even teaming up to build medium duty trucks together.
  3. Brickman

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    I Don't have these kinds of problems. :D At my house there is no democracy.
  4. eslawns

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    Most people, given the choice, will take the diesel. As far as why most landscapers choose diesel, it's mainly because they want one. Most of us don't even need V8 gas engines, and there are several outfits around here using Nissan 4cyl/V6 trucks.

    Most diesels are at least $6k more, right? That plus the maintenance costs will buy an awful lot of gas. Unless you put high miles on the truck, or pull a heavy rig, gas is going to be cheaper in the long run.
  5. bubble boy

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    i disagree with the V8 comment. most LCO 's here use at least half tons, even if they don't plow. those that plow , need V8. nissans? you see em, but please.

    i do agree on gas engines. after 200k, with salt damage, plow damage, etc. a truck won't have much left. what good is engine with many more years of use if there is no truck to run it in?

    if you're from a warm southern climate the above opinion obviously does not apply.
  6. Gravel Rat

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    Bubble boy is right I know here in B.C. a truck with over 200,000 kms is well beat the salt on the roads rusts the body off rots the frame out. You are constanty changing ball joints and tie rod ends because its damn hard to keep the parts greased I grease my truck ever month and still get alot of water coming out of the parts.

    Thats what really makes me laugh about the Dodge boys bragging it up the Cummins engine can go a million miles a Dodge truck barely makes 250,000kms with out complete rebuild here in B.C.

    The people from the southern states of the US don't even know what rust is and trying to fix rusted parts is about when your exhaust manifold bolts are rusted to tooth picks.

    The lug nuts holding the wheels need tobe heated up with a torch and use a 1/2 drive impact wrench to get the nuts off you can use a 3/4 drive but you end up snapping the wheel studs.

    The frame on the truck has heavy rust scale on it you knock it off and find a big hole rusted through the frame. The chassis wiring conections are all corroded up getting shorts and lights not working, brake lines rusting through step on the brakes and a line blows because of rust, brake backing plates rusting right off the axle.

    Here in B.C. the mountains we drive on everyday wears tires out in no time your brakes last about a year suspension parts are worn out U joints snapping. Once your repair bills start exceeding payments on a new truck its time to get rid of it which is usually around 200-230,000kms.

    Just to give you a idea it makes me laugh when some of ya are bragging up you got over 300,000 miles on your truck a vehical here will last nowhere near that long even if its babied all its life.
  7. Randy J

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    Sounds as if you're kind of hard on a truck, Gravel Rat.

  8. KirbysLawn

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    True except for there is a weight difference, the diesel weighs more. I think a gas would win against a stock diesel...however my diesel is not stock so mine would have an advantage.

    If any of you PSD owners have not installed one yet you should check into a SuperChip, very good money spent.

    A search will find a good deal of information on this subject including some good stst info, also checkout for more information.
  9. Dennis E.

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    I'll stick with my programmer.
    It's easier when the truck needs to go in for any service.
    The PPIII has plenty enough extra for me.

    Maybe a SCMT next.
  10. Brickman

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    Bully Dog chip for me. I had a Diablo Sport chip. Tons of power, also a little brutal, turbo lag was exagerated and boost came on almost brutally.

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